Lego Utensils Are The Best Utensils

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Updated June 27, 2022

lego utensils

There have been many achievements in modern technology. We can fly into space for our own amusement. We have supercomputers in our pockets. We have an insane German man developing new slingshots. What we do not have is a logical way to arrange our kitchen utensils… until now.

Click It And Forget It

Essentially, it’s a very familiar system: Legos! You simply mount the grey base pad to the wall, and then, when you want your utensils out of the way, you just click them onto the pad. Instead of wondering where the heck it is, or trying to unhook them, or trying to pull them out of the vase that you mistakenly thought would be a good kitchen item. If you’re looking for the perfect gift to get someone in your life that really loves legos, take a look at the world’s most expensive solid gold LEGO brick.

The Tools You Need

Admittedly, there are one or two drawbacks. The most prominent is the fact that it’ll only work with the included tools, unless you’re handy with sculpting or a 3D printer. Yes, those tools are fairly useful; they include a ladle, a pasta strainer, and a spatula. But if you want more than those three, well, you’re out of luck. Although we do have to admit that if you use a lot of kitchen tools on a regular basis, you’re probably not considering the Lego Ladle in the first place.

One drawback it doesn’t have is pain; the handles are made of soft nylon to avoid that “stepped on a Lego” feeling.

A Bit Of Whimsy In The Kitchen

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Like many ThinkGeek products, this really is all about the whimsy, and honestly, that’s good. Far too many kitchen items are profoundly serious affairs, like a sous vide will prevent World War III or something. Besides, everybody loves Legos, and if nothing else, the looks you get the first time people see exactly how you store your spatula will be worth the $35.

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