LEGO Technic Bucket Truck 8071 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The LEGO Technic Truck offers a moderate amount of pieces that are varied and colourful and can be used as a toy after construction is completed, which is great for children. It is also customizable, which veterans will appreciate if they want to get really creative with it. Check out our list of best LEGO sets to find more sets you will love!

Why We Like It – LEGO Technic Bucket Truck 8071

The LEGO Technic Truck set is great for a variety of reasons. First, it provides a great introduction to LEGO building for children or those who may not be too familiar with it. Second, it provides LEGO veterans with a customizable set with whatever pieces they may have lying around.

  • Great for newbies and enthusiasts
  • Included pieces are varied and colourful
  • Can be used as a toy
  • Not a lot of pieces
  • Need to be very careful not to break it when playing

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The LEGO Technic Bucket Truck is a great medium-level build for newbies and enthusiasts. A newbie shouldn’t find it too difficult to assemble this truck set and a veteran will appreciate its high customizability with other pieces they may have laying around. Or they may use the LEGO Technic series as something to build while they await their next, more challenging build to release. If you are looking for something more challenging, try the LEGO Star Wars Death Star 10188. Star Wars fan or not, you should have some great fun with this build.


The bucket truck comes with steering action. Steer it into position, extend the rotating arm and then use it to position the bucket right where you need it. One of the great things about the design of the 8071 set number is that it can be used as a toy. This makes it perfect for children. They’ll learn how to build while putting it together, putting their cognitive abilities to the test, and then they’ll have fun laying with a toy they built themselves. If you like to have LEGOs on display instead of played with, try the LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 7965.


The LEGO Technic Bucket Truck is a mid-level build and thus comes with 593 pieces, which is pretty standard. If you want more pieces, consider the LEGO Star Wars Republic Frigate 7964. It’s a slightly harder build and 500 more pieces but shouldn’t trouble a LEGO veteran. The LEGO Group also offers free shipping in the United States on any order over $35 which is, let’s face it, easy to spend when it comes to LEGO. We’ll leave you to decide whether that’s good or bad.

LEGO Technic Bucket Truck 8071 Wrap Up

The LEGO Technic Bucket Truck is a set that will be appreciated by both fans and newbies alike. Be aware, though, that the set is starting to weigh on the collectables side, and thus prices are starting to go up. The cheapest pierce on Amazon right now is $199, so you’re better off getting this sooner rather than later if you’re interested.

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