LEGO Pet Shop 10218 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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93 Expert Rating

The biggest benefits to the LEGO Pet Shop are its versatility, allowing you to move your buildings around to create your own LEGO City the way you like it, and the inclusion of rare blocks still only found in this set. Check out our list of best LEGO sets to decide which one is right for you!

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Why We Like It – LEGO Pet Shop 10218

We really like this LEGO Modular building from the LEGO Group. It will be a challenge for veterans and newbies alike, as modular buildings usually are. It comes with a plethora of pieces that makes the building versatile and a number of rare pieces that you can use for other buildings in your LEGO city!

  • Challenging and Rewarding Build
  • Interesting use of Blocks
  • Includes a number of rare parts
  • Expensive
  • Least amount of Blocks in the LEGO City Set

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This pet shop LEGO Set is part of the LEGO Creator Advanced series and thus is appropriate for ages 16 & up. At least according to the box. But a challenge is always good, right? If you’re looking for an out-of-this-world challenge then you should try the LEGO Star Wars Death Star 10188. It’s 3,803 pieces should be more than enough of a challenge for any LEGO lover. Inside the box of the pet shop you will find 17 bags of parts and two 16×32 baseplates, so don’t go thinking the pet shop is a sloucher’s build!


The LEGO Pet Shop building features some great stuff inside it. The ground floor of the pet shop building is the pet shop itself, the second floor is the kitchen and lounge area (for the employees of the pet shop, I assume), and the third floor is more of a loft with a bed. The outside of the building adds some interesting shapes and colours, like flower beds, that give it a wow factor. Overall, it’s an exceptional-looking modular building. If modular buildings aren’t your thing, check out the LEGO Star Wars Republic Frigate 7964.


The LEGO Pet Shop features 2,032 pieces which is the standard for the LEGO City series. The Grand Emporium, for example, boasts an almost identical number of pieces at 2,182. As with most LEGO modulars the pieces are great. In this one you are given a massive amount of sand blue parts and some 1×1, 1×6, and 1×4 parts, the only set in the LEGO Range to include these parts. The LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon also has some interesting parts if interesting parts are what you want out of a LEGO set.

LEGO Pet Shop 10218 Wrap Up

The inclusion of the rare blocks and sand blue pieces are more than enough for an experienced LEGO builder to want this set strictly for their own building needs. However, the over $300 price tag may deter them from doing so. Still, The LEGO Pet Shop is a great set that will make you feel a sense of pride once you’ve completed it.

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