Kenwood KSC SW11 Compact Enclosed Subwoofer Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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From our list of the best car subwoofer, the Kenwood KSC SW11 compact enclosed subwoofer is a head unit sound system that gives your car rich sound quality to provide an electric listening experience. The Kenwood speakers are preinstalled so the most work you have to get done is wiring the enclosure to your speaker system. This paired with a highly-rated car stereo will give you the best sounds.

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Why We Like It – Kenwood KSC SW11 Compact Enclosed Subwoofer

The Kenwood KSC SW11 Compact Enclosed Subwoofer will make your car’s bass thump as you’ve always wanted. The KSC SW11 compact powered subwoofer can take your music to the next level while providing you with a wired remote control that lets you alter different things like volume and phase control.

  • 150 maximum watts
  • Powered enclosed subwoofer
  • May require extensive work to install


These car subwoofers have a 150 maximum wattage. It has a wide range on the frequency system, and you can even add a low pass frequency to single out the bass in your music. The car audio already has the subwoofers installed into the enclosure, but if you would rather find subwoofers without enclosures you may be interested in the Pioneer TS SW2002D2 8 inch shallow mount subwoofer.

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The Kenwood subwoofers have a black design. It is 6.17 pounds and comes with a wired remote control. That remote control can control volume, phase, and frequency. It will require some professionals to properly install your subwoofers. Customer reviews reveal that this product will make your music loud, but it also makes things in your car rattle such as the windows. If you would like to find more speakers with enclosures included, you may be interested in the MTX terminator tne212d 200 watt enclosure.


Since the Kenwood speakers have all the essentials to upgrade your car’s sound system, it is slightly more expensive than other models like the Rockville rw10ca profile powered subwoofer. You can take advantage of Kenwood 1 year warranty in case of any defects. Rest assured that this sole device will provide everything to give you a new listening experience that your stock equipment was never able to do. The wide range of controls in the remote gives you specific controls over the music and you can take full control over what will sound best in your car. For a deeper bass, read through our Kicker 42CWQ124 12″ CompQ Subwoofer review.

Kenwood KSC SW11 Compact Enclosed Subwoofer Wrap Up

The Kenwood KSC SW11 compact enclosed subwoofer is a massive upgrade to any car’s sound system. It provides a wired remote control so you can have full control over your music. This subwoofer system might make your windows rattle with the 150 watt power, so be wary of what your car’s limits are to level appropriately.

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