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John Krasinski returns as Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, a CIA analyst working on tracking illegal foreign transactions. The first and second season produced by Graham Roland is available only on Amazon Prime Video. The first season begins with a massive effort by foreign forces to take resources from the US, and Jack Ryan is there to give it his all to catch them, and save the United States some dough. Later on the story includes more characters like a drone pilot, to even Yemen citizens. This TV show placed on our Best Shows On Amazon along with Babylon 5.

Why We Like It – Jack Ryan Review

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan is a good show for anyone looking for a suspenseful series about CIA operations in the United States. At the start of season one, Jack moves up to become an interrogator in search of fraudsters. The action begins as he visits Yemen, and encounters drastic situations with the citizens.

  • Intense combat action
  • Military Grade Set
  • Plot jumped awkwardly


This TV series features performances by Wendell Pierce as James Greer, Jack’s higher up that tends to stall his progress at the beginning of the show. John Krasinski kills his role as Jack Ryan by maintaining his serious role that absolutely crushed any memory I had back from him as Jim from The Office. It is truly nice to see John in a different role and still crush it. While the plot seems to be working up in a dramatic way, it seems to slowly develop the story at first.


The sets for this TV show alternate between showing scenery of the capital at Washington D.C and showing villages in Yemen. The colors on set are mostly warm, and light fairly well. During early moments in their series there is a gruesome moment when the villagers retaliate that easily made me feel a bit queasy, so best be prepared for it. The show features all the massive explosions and gear for war, so if army shows are your crux this is a must see, if not there is always The Boys or The Americans.


This is an interesting show if realistic action interests you. It is always good to find a series that brings some visual insight into how operations take place in the CIA. The show also provides plenty of intense scenes that will have you fearing for everyone’s life. Although it was a bit of a hard sell for me to see Jack get promoted from analyst to interrogator, the show holds on pretty well.

Jack Ryan Review Wrap Up

This show is surely to stay interesting as it provides a double story that also dives in the lives of the citizens of Yemen. This show includes many epic war scenes that are interesting to watch unfold, but If you are not a fan of any war related content this may not be a good fit. This is a good show for anyone that enjoys war dramas.

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