How to Make a Computer Fit a TV Screen

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Updated February 11, 2023
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When looking for the best TVs, many people want the option to connect to their PC or laptop computer as a video source. However, many find that their computer’s default screen format fails to fit their TV. In addition, a default laptop display can often give off poor picture quality, which is why you should know how to make a computer fit a TV screen.


  • Anyone can easily fit and resize a desktop or laptop resolution to fit their TV screen through the computer’s resolution and advanced scaling settings.
  • For a full HDTV, set your computer’s screen resolution to 1920×1080.
  • The aspect ratio can be critical for fitting a computer to a TV screen.

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How to Fit a Computer Screen to Your TV

Whether it’s movie content or a news broadcast, a visual image can distort or appear wrongly sized when connecting your computer display to your TV. This problem usually lies in differing picture resolutions between your video devices and is quickly fixed using Windows 10 OS. However, if you are watching your TV and notice black bars on the screen, your aspect ratio may be the issue. We also have a guide on how to get rid of black bars on the top and bottom of the TV if you would like to fix this.

make a computer fit a tv screen

Additionally, if your screen appears to be lagging, you can check out how to fix input lag on TV. And if you have everything set up and are ready to go, but there is an unbearable reflection on your screen, you will want to know to get rid of it. Read about how to stop reflections on a TV screen to learn the cause of reflections and how to fix it.

Insider Tip

Sometimes, you have to switch your TV’s input source to ensure it uses the correct port to solve computer-to-TV sizing issues.

Below are the steps you can take to combat this problem and finally capture the ideal size for your TV. Additionally, if you’re looking to connect your TV to the internet, you can look here to find out how to make your TV a smart TV. Alternatively, if your TV is old and damaged, you should know how to properly dispose of an old TV.

STEP 1 Know Your TV’s Resolution

  1. Start by figuring out your TV’s resolution. If you have a full HDTV, this will be 1920×1080; and if you have a standard HDTV, it will be 1366×768. Once you understand the resolution of your TV, it’s wise to determine what sizes TVs come in for 2023.

STAT: Aspect ratios (16:9, for example) signify the ratio of an image’s height to its width. This ratio means that any image portrayed is 16 units long by 9 units wide. (source)

STEP 2 Connect and Change Settings

  1. Connect your computer to your TV. Linking your devices should be done using an HDMI cable.
  2. Go to your computer’s search bar once your computer screen is mirrored on your TV. Then, hit the menu button and type in “display settings.” Next, click on the search result.
  3. Find the laptop screen resolution drop-down on the settings menu. There should be a handful of the different display modes you can choose from here. If you have a full HDTV, make sure it’s set to the 1920×1080 option. If your TV is not 1920×1080, check your TV resolution on the manual or online and set it to the proper resolution type.
  4. If you’ve put in the correct resolution and the screen still does not fit, you can find additional picture adjustments by going into the “advanced scaling settings.” Here, customize your scaling screen size to what fits best. Proper scaling will usually fall between 100-500%.


Some TVs don’t support the standard viewing aspect ratio of 16:9. If your device doesn’t use a 16:9, a 4:3 ratio will be the second-best option. But you can look at your user manual to find the correct aspect ratio.


How to connect a laptop screen to a TV?

Most laptops will come with an HDMI port. An HDMI cable is the best way to transmit audio and visuals from your laptop screen to your TV.

Can you use a computer monitor as a TV?

Many choose to use computer monitors as a TV, but they typically have a slightly lower visual quality.

Can you connect a computer screen to a TV wirelessly?

Most modern devices will allow you to connect wirelessly through WI-Fi. Still, to ensure a good experience, you’ll need a strong, reliable connection.

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