How 3D Projectors Work

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Updated December 7, 2022

Understanding how 3D projectors work opens up new doors for video content consumption. All you need to enjoy a 3D movie is a pair of 3D glasses. Of course, having a 3D projector is essential, as well. You’ll need to understand transmission types, such as frame sequential signals. Even the best projectors don’t work if they aren’t compatible with your current technology.


  • 3D projector technology allows viewers to enjoy content in 3D formats from devices like a Blu-Ray 3D player, gaming console, and more. But, there are differences between 3D ready and full 3D projectors
  • You can view 3D images by using 3D glasses, which are either called active shutter glasses or polarized glasses.
  • Your full or 3D-ready projectors need to be able to accept a 3D signal, which is transmitted through one of four 3D transmission formats.

Explaining Everything About 3D Projection

There is a lot to learn about projectors that offer a 3D mode from frame sequential to polarized glasses. The ability to use Blu-Ray 3D is desirable for anybody looking for more out of their entertainment systems. As long as you have suitable types of glasses and a 3D-enabled Blu-ray player, you can get the cinema experience right at home.

Another consideration is the type of connection they offer. Make sure you understand the comparison between a projector VGA vs HDMI cable.

Moreover, you’ll want to think about the other 3D projector capabilities, such as long-throw projection, appropriate resolution for a projector, and if 3D projectors work outside. 3D is great to have, but it only matters if you know how to use it right.

Insider Tip

Have extra 3D glasses around so that you can invite others over for a 3D viewing experience.

What are 3D Projectors?

Beyond the use of special glasses, there is a lot more to the 3D experience. Understanding how these differ from a traditional projector helps you make a crucial decision on your next entertainment investment.

Understanding other qualities will help, as well. For example, asking “How do 3D projectors work outside?” will lead you down a path to better understanding.

3D Projector Technology

These projectors create 3D content using advanced technology. Essentially, the specialized tech is capable of producing 3D images on a 2D projector screen, which is why you need to know what color a projector screen should be. That way you have the right setup. 3D projectors give an illusion of depth to trick the brain into thinking images are “popping” out of the screen.

If you invest in 3D-compatible, top-rated InFocus projectors, make sure you pay attention to 3D transmission formats. Here are the four types of 3D transmission formats:

  • Frame Sequential
  • Frame Packing
  • Side-by-Side
  • Checkerboard


Always place equipment like Blu-Ray 3D players out of the way since knocking into them can cause damage.

3D-Ready or Full 3D Projector

The most significant difference between these two options is the 3D transmission formats they use. A 3D-ready projector may only accept one of these transmission styles. On the other hand, the full 3D model will receive all four of the 3D transmission formats.


Do 3D printers need a special type of screen?

You can use the same type of screen for 3D projectors that you do for regular video projectors. Unless you have polarized glasses, in which case you may need a polarized projector screen.

What connectivity options do 3D printers have?

Most 3D compatible projectors will offer a range of connectivity options:

  • HDMI High-Speed Cable
  • Set-Top Boxes
  • Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

How can I enhance the light output of projection lenses?

There are a few things you can do. However, the best way to improve all light sources is to clean them. You should wipe down projection lenses regularly to keep image quality high.

Are passive polarized or active shutter 3D glasses better?

Overall, active shutter glasses are the better option for 3D glasses. Polarized glasses are made of cheap materials and use outdated 3D technologies. Active shutters are pricier but far better. The type of glasses you choose will depend on your budget.

STAT: 3D Projection is the basis of the concept for Computer Graphics simulating fluid flows to imitate realistic effects. (source)

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