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Hidden Swimming Pool: Watch as the Ground Drops and a Pool is Revealed (video)

An in-ground pool is a luxury few of us will be able to afford.  But there ain’t nothing like taking a dip in one on a hot summer day.  So once you’ve saved up for your personal swimming pool, you can keep on saving if you want a Hidden Water Pool.

The Hidden Water Pool is very much like a traditional in-ground pool, but instead of covering it with a plastic tarp, you simply insert a key into the control box, tap in a pass code, and blamo, the ground rises and the pool disappears replaced by a patio surface.  Repeat the  process and the surface drops and is enveloped by water with depths as much as 6-feet.

It’s a pretty uncanny sight and one that only gets better when you consider that you can add a myriad of features to further enhance the already awe astonishing appearance.  This includes swim jets for in place lap swimming, spa jets for body therapy, a built-in table with adjustable height (in pool), custom lighting and even a fountain.

Sizing ranges from 12-feet in diameter to 18-feet in addition to two rectangular options.

It’s unfortunate that the video is so low-grade, but I think you get the idea, and since you’ll probably never be able to afford one, why bother with the hassle of wondering how much they cost.

Hidden Water Pools

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