HBO Now Streaming Service Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If there’s an Emmy for the best streaming service, then HBO would probably win it a lot. It did win a spot on our best streaming services list for its incredible original content, which is obviously the next best thing.

Why We Like It – HBO Now Streaming Service Review

HBO has been a powerhouse for original content ever since the days of The Sopranos and The Wire. Now, you can get access to all of its fantastic TV shows and movies through its streaming services, HBO Now and HBO Max.

  • Groundbreaking original series
  • Best library of blockbuster movies
  • Fabulous documentary style sports content
  • Confusing number of platforms


HBO content is high quality content. It set the bar years ago and has somehow managed to continue leading the way. As such, you can count on having access to a high quality library of content within a great viewing experience.


All HBO platforms have a friendly user experience for its viewers. The tricky part is figuring out the difference between all of them. The streaming platforms include HBO Now, HBO Go, and the newly created HBO Max.

HBO is in the process of streamlining all of those by phasing out HBO Go. It has also rebranded HBO Now to be called HBO app on Amazon Fire devices and the like.

The devices HBO can stream on are plentiful — Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, mobile device. You name it, you can watch HBO on it (unless it’s your grandmother’s rotary phone).


There are many ways you can get HBO and access to its streaming platforms. If you already have a cable subscription, you can talk to your cable provider about adding an HBO subscription to your plan. You will then likely have access to its streaming apps, the new HBO Max, HBO Now, and the soon to be gone HBO Go.

HBO Max is $14.99 per month, which is in-line with Amazon Prime Video streaming service, Hulu streaming service, and Netflix streaming service.

Most options have a weeklong free trial that you can take advantage of.

HBO Now Streaming Service Review Wrap Up

The content HBO produces is some of the best available, so you’ll never feel left out of that water cooler talk about the best new series. As a standalone service HBO Now is a great way to gain access to all of what HBO has to offer. You can easily subscribe to HBO streaming on its own, and you also have the versatility to add it through Prime Video or Amazon Prime, Hulu, or through cable.

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