Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 Speaker Review

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Updated March 19, 2023
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If you’re searching for pure, high-quality audio, the best speakers around just might be the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 Speaker. It’s so common for speakers to utilize bass to the point it drowns the rest of the notes rather than compliment them. The Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 Speaker is not that kind of speaker. Its incredibly deep bass highlights the audio instead of overpowering.

Why We Like It – Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 Speaker Review

With audiophiles in mind, this speaking is boasting some of the best-sounding audio. Though the bass is emphasized, it never overpowers mid-range and high notes, and compliments them perfectly. For an alternative option, you might want to read our DOSS Bluetooth speaker review.

  • Excellent overall sound quality
  • Perfect for medium-sized rooms
  • Supports voice assistants
  • So-so battery life
  • Not much of a portable speaker


The Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker produced some of the best sound quality, challenging even the best on our list for supremacy. The speaker wasn’t content with providing exquisite deep-sounding bass—better than the JBL Charge 3 Speaker—but mid-range and high notes were almost just as good. What made a difference with this bass-focused speaker was that it never overpowered higher notes. Unfortunately, you only have 8 hours to enjoy its excellent sound quality. And, like the SoundLink Color II by Bose, it only lasts 8 hours, too.

And, for another speaker with excellent sound quality, read our Bose home speaker 500 review.

Additionally, the speaker has a built-in mic, with compatibility with Siri and Google by utilizing the power button. You can change that through the HK Connect app, thankfully. And if you aren’t familiar with using Bluetooth on a phone, we have a great guide on connecting a Bluetooth speaker to a phone you can check out. For Amazon integration, look to the Amazon Echo Dot Speaker.

Moreover, read our guide to AirPlay vs Bluetooth if you’re concerned about which wireless tech is better for your chosen speaker.


To consider this as a “portable Bluetooth speaker” wouldn’t be entirely accurate. Similar to the Edifier Luna E, the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 Speaker is less of a social bug compared to other portable Bluetooth speakers, such as the Oontz Angle 3 Speaker. Because of how large it is—about the size of someone’s head—it’s better left on your shelf in a medium-sized room. However, it weighs just under 5 lbs and has a handle, so if you want to take it to a friend’s house, you totally can. But, if you want a speaker that’s only 11 oz, then check out our UE Roll speaker review.


These speakers have such great sound, with all kinds of smart home integration, that we can’t help but mark them as having great value. It’s so versatile with its features that you can fit it into just about any style of a room. Want to compliment your home theater system? Place one on each side of your couch for surround sound. Looking to jam out with some good tunes or use it as a smart home speaker? Yes and yes. But if the price is a concern, and you still want a great speaker, then check out our Anker SoundCore review and the Anker SoundCore Flare review. Both of these speakers are below $70.

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 Speaker Review Wrap Up

The negative aspects of the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 Speaker were quickly swept under the rug just because of how great the audio was. It’s better left in a medium-sized room anyways, making its so-so battery life a moot point. And quickly accessing smart home functions was the cherry on top. With that said, if battery life is a problem, then you’ll want to use something with batteries, like the product in our Grace Digital Mini Bullets II 900 MHz wireless speaker system review.

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