Greenworks Pro 60V Electric Lawn Mower Review

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Updated June 1, 2023
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If you’ve hesitated to consider the best riding lawn mower or electric mowers before, we encourage you to start with a look at t this Greenworks Pro. It’s a heavy-duty cordless mower model with a steel frame, an especially powerful battery, and very reliable performance. It may not be able to mow quite as much as a gas mower, but it stands up to the competition quite well: Read on to check out our in-depth Greenworks Pro 60V Electric Lawn Mower review!

Greenworks Pro 60V Electric Lawn Mower Overview

Price: $379.00 at Amazon
Model: MO60L410

Summary: A durable electric mower that’s designed for the long haul, this Greenworks model is suitable for an environmentally conscious landscaping firm or a homeowner that wants some real weight behind their cordless mower.

What We Liked

  • Durable design and high-quality steel frame
  • Great cutting performance
  • Some of the best mower wheels that we’ve seen for rougher outdoor work

What We Didn’t

  • The self-propel option isn’t really worth using
  • Battery takes overnight to fully charge
  • Weight could be an issue during transport

Greenworks Pro 60V Electric Lawn Mower Specs

Lawnmower: Greenworks Mower
Greenworks Pro 60v
Battery Power 60V
Battery Life60-70 mins
Mulch Functionsgreen-check-mark
Construction MaterialSteel
Check Price

Greenworks Pro 60V Electric Lawn Mower Design

Greenworks Pro 60V Electric Lawn Mower
This Greenworks mower is very durable compared to other models.

The Greenworks Pro 60V is living up to its name with a full metal framework: this is a mower with some real weight behind it, and will immediately remind you of traditional gas mowers.

That steel frame has a couple benefits. First, those making the switch from gas mowers may be much more comfortable with a similar weight and design in their mowing tools. Second, steel is undeniably more durable than plastic, so the Pro is likely to handle impacts more easily and brush off some things that may damage plastic models

I’ll also point out that the weight can make a difference when mowing, too: lightweight electric mowers can move very quickly, but they can also get jostled and lose effectiveness when tackling especially thick grass. A steel model has extra weight that keeps it from bumping around, and allows it to tear through thicker grass with greater ease.

Of course, that extra weight does have its downsides. The mower is a lot more difficult to lift and transport than its plastic cousins, and you have to expend more energy to push it around, too. There is a self-propelling option onboard the mower to make things a little easier (we’ll talk more about this a little later). Finally, we should mention that in particularly rainy climates, there is a danger that the metal frame of your mower will eventually rust, so cleaning and maintenance become more important to increase longevity.

The rest of the design also tries to put the “Pro” into the Greenworks Pro. Take the wheels, for example – these are some of the largest and most ruggedized wheels we’ve seen on a mower. If you have outdoor lawns separated by dirt paths or need to navigate gravel walkways, cobblestones, rocky edges, and anything else tricky during your mowing session, these wheels can handle it all.

The battery setup is equally durable, with a high-mounted battery in a very sturdy case. The battery itself is also large and durable, ideal for frequent professional work and storage…although if you plan on using this model professionally, you’ll probably want a few batteries and chargers around so that you’ll always have a charged battery ready when you need one.

However, there is a glaring omission in this mower – there’s no safety key. You have to physically take the battery out if you want to make sure the motor can’t turn on with an accidental button press. It’s very strange, because you definitely want a safety key for electric mowers, especially if you’re working around kids…but it’s also very important if you’re doing some quick mower maintenance, like clearing out a clog and so on.

Perhaps Greenworks was so focused on making a “professional” mower that they didn’t think a safety key was warranted, although we don’t think this is a particularly good reason. It’s important to recognize that you’ll have to take extra care when maintaining this mower: try to remove the battery before doing any work near the blades or other services.

Greenworks Pro 60V Electric Lawn Mower Research and Performance

Greenworks Blades
A fair amount of debris after a mow, but note the grass had trace amounts of dew for our research.

The Greenworks Pro certainly brings the power, with a steady reliability and excellent cutting performance that comes quite close to mimicking the performance of gas engine mowers (again, the weight probably helps with this). It provides a smooth, clean lawn cut with the ideal 21-inch cutting width, and the battery is quite responsive.

The battery did take extra time to charge, due to its size and capabilities. It can provide 1-2 hours of cutting power, and generally showed better power upkeep than other batteries, with less fading away over time.

Extra large wheels are also great for maneuverability, which quickly became obvious: despite being a large and steel-framed mower, we found the Greenworks model easy to tilt and turn thanks to the out-sized wheels…although they might need some extra cleaning if you mow when the grass is damp and a lot of clippings end up sticking to the mower.

But one disconcerting part of the Pro’s performance is that self-propelling feature. In theory, it works just like a gas mower’s version, with a sliding panel of rabbit-to-turtle speeds and an extra lever to activate. In practice, it doesn’t do much of anything.

When we used the self-propel lever, we did indeed feel a small jolt of speed…and that was it. Adjusting the speed settings showed no appreciable slow down or speed. Even worse, the propelling option stalls the mower out when you try to stop and turn it, and it the effect continues for a couple seconds after you disengage the lever. This makes turning the mower very difficult and annoying when also using the propelled feature.

Ultimately, it’s a side effect of trying to equip a heavy electric mower with this automated feature – the battery just isn’t up to the task, and its juice is better spent elsewhere. Don’t count on the propelled lever to take much weight off your hands.

Greenworks Pro 60V Electric Lawn Mower Wrap-Up

The Greenworks Pro 60V is a durable, extremely powerful cordless mower, and the closest we’ve seen to a true cordless mower that professionals can depend on for regular services and heavy use. However, it also has its flaws, including a very noticeable lack of a safety key, and a self-propelling option that isn’t really worth using. If you don’t use the self-propel option anyway and practice careful mower maintenance, then these issues can be greatly reduced.

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