GE Traditional Rabbit Ears Indoor Black Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re deciding on eliminating your cable bill and looking at the Best TV Antenna, then looking at the Best Rabbit Ear Antenna should be on your list. While rabbit ears may seem like an outdated technology, they’ve actually come quite a long way. And the GE Traditional Rabbit Ears Indoor Black is proof.

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Why We Like It – GE Traditional Rabbit Ears Indoor Black

The GE Traditional Rabbit Ears Indoor Black TV Antenna is a fantastic TV antenna that can receive many different types of signals and produce crystal-clear images. It’s also smart TV compatible, which is always nice, and the amplifier won’t cost you that much more.

  • Can Receive High Definition Signals
  • Weighted Base with Rubberized Feet
  • 30 Mile Range
  • A Little Hard to Set-Up
  • Amplifier is Extra, though Not by Much


The GE Rabbit Ear Antenna has fantastic reception for both VHF and UHF signals with the ability to receive an uncompressed 1080P signal. With this HD TV antenna you should be able to receive free local channels as well as mainstream ones like ABC or CNN. It’s also 4K ready, and you can check out the Philips SDV7114A too if that’s important to you.

Ease of Install

It’s always a good idea to place an HDTV Antenna as high as possible for best reception. But considering most TV’s are flat screen now and thus can’t have anything on top of them, it’s going to be a little harder to set up. The GE Indoor Antenna is not an exception to this rule. The Fosmon HDTV Antenna can mitigate this somewhat thanks to it’s slightly more compact design, but not by much.


The GE Traditional Rabbit Ears Indoor Black weighs a measly eight ounces and shouldn’t get in the way once you’ve decided where to place it. The TV antenna looks like your traditional rabbit ear antenna but with a circular loop in the middle. It has a weighted base with rubberized feet to both provide stability and prevent scratches, especially if you place it on wood.


The broadcast range on the GE Traditional Rabbit Ears Indoor Black is about 30 miles. It’s impressive for a rabbit ear antenna, and about on par with other high-end antennas in its class like the Philips SDV8201B. Another plus, the GE is also Smart TV Compatible. This is pretty standard throughout antennas, but it’s nice knowing for certain it’s there. If you need better range or stay in a rural area then it may make more sense to get the Mohu Sky 60 Outdoor TV Antenna that offers a 75-mile range.


The technical support is based in the United States, should you have any problems, and the antenna is also backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The price, at $10.00, can’t be beat either. And although the amplified bar version does cost extra, it’s still priced at a reasonable $30.00. Reviews on Amazon are pretty good too, scoring ⅘ stars based on 1,387 reviews.

GE Traditional Rabbit Ears Indoor Black Wrap Up

You really can’t go wrong if you want to take a TV antenna for a spin and purchase the GE Traditional Rabbit Ears Indoor Black. It’s a shame the amplifier costs more, but even then it’s not so expensive you’ll have to save up to get it. The money you save on your cable bills should be more than enough to pay for it.

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