Franklin Sports Master Baseball Gloves Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Franklin Sports Field Master baseball glove is an excellent option for people just getting into baseball, softball, or catch. It comes ready to play out of the box and can be easily adjusted to accommodate both adults and children alike. Franklin offers gloves for right hand throws as well as left hand throws. If you’re looking for an upgrade, we recommend our lists of the best baseball gloves and the best sports equipment.

Why We Like It – Franklin Sports Master baseball gloves

The Franklin Sports Master baseball glove is inexpensive, and a great option whether you’re a fan of baseball, softball, or just want to play catch with some friends. Additionally, the Field Master is made from synthetic leather and is vegan, a great option for friends and family trying to stay green in an industry where genuine leather is the default.

  • Ready to play.
  • Contour fit.
  • Hand formed pocket.
  • Doesn’t breathe.
  • Tears easily.

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Customers tend to agree that the Franklin Sports Field Master’s durability is its biggest flaw; rips and tears can form in the glove’s synthetic leather when fastballs are thrown. While it is slightly more expensive, the Mizuno Prospect PowerClose or Rawlings Renegade baseball gloves could be better suited to new ballplayers. The Field Master series offers several web types of varying sizes for different positions and are one size fits all, although players may struggle to control their catches as this glove does not breathe.


The Franklin Sports Field Master features hand-formed pockets for maximum comfort and utility on the field, and customers will appreciate the contour fit. The synthetic leather that the Field Master series is famous for also lends to a more comfortable break-in period, it’s ready to play out of the box, and you have a choice of three colors. If you’re looking to make an investment in a durable baseball glove you should also consider the Wilson A2000 baseball glove; the leather and longer break-in period may be a deal-breaker for some, but it’s lauded for its durability and deep pocket.

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The Franklin Sports Field Master series of baseball gloves is very accessible for new players thanks to its affordability and the variety of webbing types that they have to offer. Fans of the Franklin sports brand will also appreciate the Franklin Sports baseball glove for its signature style and its comparatively lower price. Given its tendency to tear, you may find yourself buying a replacement sooner rather than later, but that will allow you to try different webbing styles if you’re satisfied with the look and feel of this glove.

Franklin Sports Master baseball gloves Wrap Up

The Franklin Sports Master baseball glove is a fine entry-level glove, and you’ll find it’s good for practice. The synthetic leather lends to its flexibility and its inability to breathe. I’d definitely recommend this baseball glove, especially for little league or backyard games of catch, just make sure you’re buying your glove for the right hand in check-out to avoid customer service.