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Having the best radar detectors with Laser Jammer like the Escort ZW5 can get you out of a pickle when you are rolling a tad over the speed limit and authorities want to catch you on their radar gun. This innovative device makes sure that when you are blasted with that radar your speed will be hidden from the police and will help you avoid tickets. It is also one of the best radar detectors available in the market right now.

Why We Like It – Escort ZW5

Adding the Escort ZW5 laser jammer to your arsenal of car devices will drastically improve your driving by becoming well aware of any radar signals coming your way. This detector has cloaking abilities that make your vehicle undetectable when going through most speed traps.

  • The Escort Live App gives you local updates on radars nearby
  • Includes two laser Shiftmax sensors for 360 degrees protection
  • The two head design is best suited for smaller vehicles


The Escort ZW5 wireless radar jammer includes two Shiftermax Laser sensors which must be installed in your vehicle to be able to jam radar signals. Once you connect the heads to the shifter box you are well on your way towards laser protection. A smart cord is used to power up the device through your cigarette lighter port. If you would like to see more of the best radar detectors, you may want to take a look at the Escort Max Ci 360. Once you install your device, you can update the community through the Escort Live App and help the locals distinguish the real alerts from the fake.


Escort’s ZW5 laser shifter detectors are said to have an easy installation process that may not require a professional to install it. You can always opt in to have a professional install it to avoid a headache and wasted time. While the compartments in your car are in a safe environment, you may have to worry that your Shiftermax sensors don’t take too bad of a beating since they are used on the outside of the vehicle. In case anything goes wrong, you have a limited warranty from Escort with your purchase.

Ease of Use

The installation process for these wireless laser shifters may be the most difficult part of the process. After you have successfully installed the detector, it will be easy to maintain since It can use WiFi to update the firmware to the latest software available. From here, you use the Escort Live App on your phone to view shared radar signals, speed cameras, red light cameras and verify if they are false alerts or the real deal. If you would like to see what the competitors offer, you may want to check out Whistler XTR 135.


The Escort ZW5 wireless laser radar detectors are great tools to have at your disposal. Escort was nice enough to offer a price match offer, so if you find this product at a lower price you can get it for that same price directly from Escort. Escort goes even further and is willing to pay off your ticket if you get caught speeding while using their product, as long as it is with a compatible device, such as the redline ex. Without even stepping into your car, the app will already have you in the know with the help from the Escort Live community. If you do not think this will be a good match for you, feel free to check out other options like the AntiLaser Priority.

Escort ZW5 Wrap Up

The Escort ZW5 laser shifter is one of the best laser jammers out there because it can alert and cloak you from a variety of radar guns today. Laser guns will not see you going over the speed limit, saving you from police interactions and keeping you en route to your destination.

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