Edifier Luna E Review

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Updated March 18, 2023
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If you’ve got some spare change and you’d like to have one of the best speakers on the market, then the Edifier E235 Luna should definitely be on your list. The set consists of two satellite speakers and 1 powerful subwoofer that emits around 100 Watts of sound. The speaker system is also THX certified, meaning the sound quality you get from the speakers is top-notch. The speakers are well-designed, and have a high gloss finish that gives them a very premium feel. As with most PC speakers, the controls are on the right-handed speaker, and the controls are touch-sensitive, and this might be exciting for some users. Sit tight for this review and you’ll get to find out why it’s one of the best computer speakers around.

Why We Like It – Edifier Luna E

The Edifier E235 Luna is a top-shelf 2.1 speaker channel that you can rely on if you need to have a strong audio system on your desktop. It might be more expensive than most PC speakers, but being a THX-certified system, you can bet the set provides the best audio quality. Moreover, you can pair multiple Edifier E235 Luna speakers via Bluetooth, so knowing how to connect to multiple Bluetooth speakers is handy.

  • THX-certified
  • Includes remote control
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Abit Expensive


The Edifier Luna E is a premium speaker set, and therefore the level of quality you should expect from it is also top-notch. Unlike the bose companion 2 series iii multimedia speakers, the Luna E supports both a wired and a wireless connection, and once you turn it on, the LED light that is on the right speaker gives an idea of the type of connection mode that is active. It lights up green for Auxiliary, red for optical, or blue for a Bluetooth connection. The sound system churns out a cumulative 176 Watts, which is very loud. If you switch it up to THX mode, the bass gets a lot deeper, making it great for watching movies or listening to music.

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There’s no doubt that the E235 Luna speaker set is one of the most uniquely designed sets you’ll find on the market. Unlike the TaoTronics TT-SK018 soundbar, the speaker set is available in up to 5 colors, but the most popular choices are red or black. While there’s no presence of a top 12-inch subwoofer, each of the satellite speakers has a 4-inch exposed woofer unit. The 100W subwoofer system maintains the same design language as the satellite speakers despite weighing about 5kg. All the speakers have rubber feet for good stability, and the subwoofer features a 3pin power port that is conveniently hidden on its underside.

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Just like the RunningSnail NOAA, setting up the E235 speaker set is very easy to do, and with support for both Bluetooth optical connections, the speaker set is well capable of very high-quality sound. The speakers also maintain good sound quality even when pumped up to max volume, which is a trait that most PC speakers don’t have. The wireless subwoofer Bluetooth-supported speaker set also comes with a remote, and with a 72W-172W RMS rating, it offers a lot more than you’ll get with the AmazonBasics USB-powered PC computer speakers.

Edifier Luna E Wrap Up

This Edifier Luna E is a perfect pick for a speaker system if you want to have the best audio experience. It has multiple connection choices, and the massive 8-inch subwoofer guarantees a deep bass that will deliver a memorable audio experience.

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