Echo 4th Generation Review

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Updated March 9, 2023
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The Amazon Echo Gen 4 is a spherically shaped, mid-tier smart speaker that was first released in 2020. The speaker supports both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, and since it is an Amazon product, it also features built-in support for Amazon Alexa as a voice assistant.

It is one of the best speakers in its range for a strong bass output, and it also has an LED ring along its bottom edge that lights up to register a command through Alexa. There’s also a volume up and down button on its top and an Action and Mic off button. Like most highly-rated Bluetooth speakers, the Echo Gen 4 can also be controlled through a companion app (the Alexa app) and configured to work as a speakerphone.

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Reasons to Buy

  • Supports Bluetooth and WiFi
  • Deep bass levels
  • Supports Alexa voice assistant
  • Controlled through the Alexa app
  • Has a subwoofer

Reasons to Not

  • No battery included
  • Poor portability
  • Low max volume

Market Context

Compared to the same brand’s similar models: The Amazon Echo Gen 4 is the fourth iteration of Amazon’s Echo line of Bluetooth Speakers, and it has a spherical design compared to the Amazon Echo Plus 2, which has a cylindrical shape. The Gen 4 also has a mute function, unlike the Echo Plus 2.

The Amazon Echo Gen 4 also has three drivers while the Amazon Echo Gen 3 has only 2, but the Gen 3 has a subwoofer while the Gen 4 does not. However, the Gen 4 has a detachable cable while the Gen 3 does not, and it also features an AUX input that is missing on the Gen 3.

Compared to other brands’ similar models: The Amazon Echo Gen 4 features an AUX input while the JBL Flip 5 does not, and it also supports a WiFi connection while the Flip 5 does not. On the flip side, the Flip 5 supports a remote smartphone connection while the Echo 4th Gen does not, and it can also be used wirelessly while the Amazon Echo cannot.

Critic Consensus

Top-tier product testers lauded the Amazon Echo Gen 4 for its spherical design and user-friendly Amazon Alexa app. During their experiments, experts from Rtings could easily make both bass and treble adjustments and noted that it was possible to pair two Echo Gen 4 speakers for stereo output. They also stated that the Gen 4 looked quite similar to the Echo Dot Gen 4 (more on that in our Amazon Echo Dot Gen 4 review) and felt that its sound quality was satisfying for music and videos. Testers from PC Mag were also delighted with its bass levels. Check out our Amazon Echo Studio review if you’d be interested in a speaker that supports Audio and other sound formats.

However, testers complained that its lack of a battery made its portability a bit difficult since it had to be plugged in at all times. They also complained that it doesn’t get very loud and isn’t suitable for outdoor use.

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