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What makes the DeWalt Vacuum Cleaner the best shop vac? For starters, its air watts peak at 325, which is pretty nice for a smaller sized shop vac. Lastly, it isn’t cordless. That has its own uses in the right setting, but having a 6-gallon capacity is far more advantageous. It’s simply better suited for smaller jobs.

Why We Like It – DeWalt Vacuum Cleaner

With a 6-gallon capacity, the DeWalt Vacuum Cleaner can be your go-to for personal cleaning. It isn’t large and bulky, but smaller. Don’t let that full you though, because it has 325 air watts.

  • 6 gallon shop vac
  • Peak 325 air watts
  • Ideal for small jobs
  • 20-foot power cord
  • No HEPA filter


The new DeWalt Vacuum Cleaner is powered entirely by an AC cable, not like Max Cordless Wet Dry Vacuums and their use of lithium ion Max battery chargers. Tools powered by batteries tend to suffer from short battery life. With this, you’re getting the full, peak 325 air watts, 6.5 peak horsepower, and 116 CFM.

Speed & Efficiency

Efficiency is another matter entirely. It’s a lot faster and efficient than handheld vacuums, but since it’s smaller, it will take longer in bigger areas. In small workshops though, it’s fantastic. It sucks up sawdust from your power tools and bare tools—saw blades and other hand tools—instead of relying on air tools and air compressors to blow it away. What it isn’t is a HEPA rated shop vac. It has a wet dry filter, but that’s the limit of its capabilities.

Bin Capacity & Maintenance

Speaking of which, its cartridge filter is washable, which is nice and saves money. Maintenance is also kept fairly low due to the use of vacuum bags. It can handle up to 6 gallons, 0.7 gallons larger than the Karcher WD4.


With a matte finish over hard plastic, smudges are greatly reduced. It can take a beating, no date, but the Ridgid Vacuum Cleaner is made of stainless steel. A real bummer is the power cord being 20 feet. That’s good, but 30 would’ve been better.


Why pick this over a vacuum DeWalt made cordless or a Bosch vacuum? DeWalt cordless vacuum cleaners, like DeWalt DCV581H Wet Dry Portable Cordless Vacuums, suffer from small capacities and battery life. Sure, Max cordless corded wet dry vacuums look great next to your tool sets, but if you can’t use it often, why bother? The DeWalt Vacuum Cleaner avoids that by being corded. You always get the power you need!

DeWalt Vacuum Cleaner Wrap Up

Wireless shop vacs have their place, but when you’re working in your own shop, why gimp clean up? With the DeWalt Vacuum Cleaner, you’re getting every single watt of suction power the moment you turn it off and when it’s shut off. And with 6 gallons to fill, you can trust it will pick up and capture every grain of sawdust.

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