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Updated June 27, 2022
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Sergei, an engineer for Amaya quantum computing, gets promoted to a new position. This new position reveals some of the company’s best kept secrets to him. Sergei’s world completely changes when he tries to steal those secrets. Now he disappeared, leaving it up to his girlfriend Lily Chan to figure out what happened. This series is on our Best Shows On Hulu with other great creepy shows like The Handmaid’s Tale. We also urge our readers to check our guide on the best streaming services.

Why We Like It – Devs Review

Devs is about a group of developers that work for Amaya, a quantum computing company. When one of the engineers (Sergei) is promoted to a higher position in Amaya, things start to get weird as he learns about his company’s secrets. This leads to Sergei’s disappearance, leaving his girlfriend Lily Chan to figure out what happened. This sci fi series is from the mind of Alex Garland, the creator of Ex Machina.

  • Epic Engineering sights
  • Epic encounters with AI
  • Tech jargon loses some of us

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Nick Offerman stars as Forest, one of the devs for Amaya. Karl Glusman plays Sergei, the recently promoted developer. Sonoya Mizuno stars as Lily Chan. The Devs team are the antagonists of the series, and they are willing to do terrible things to keep their project a secret. Luckily Lily Chan, our protagonist, will investigate into the disappearance of her boyfriend and uncover all kinds of secrets. After you catch up on the only season available, The Act is another short series to add to your watch list.


The scenes will usually take place in the company’s workspace in silicon valley. During Sergei’s first look inside the Devs space, expect to see interesting architecture that will blow your mind. The most astounding part of the series were the unique buildings and open areas where the Devs operate from. Aside from this sci fi thriller, another great show to binge next is Bob’s Burgers.


This series is worth a watch because of the highly imaginative future created with AI. The groundbreaking work that the Devs are trying to protect is worth waiting for. Who knows what kind of things this tech company wants to accomplish with their quantum computers. With only one season to catch up on, Atlanta can be the next on your watchlist. But for now, let’s hope that Lily Chan figures out what the Devs did to Sergei.

Devs Review Wrap Up

While the Devs origins are a bit too vague to understand, there is no doubt that their technology has the potential to change the world. Lily will stop at nothing to find out what truly happened to Sergei, and in doing so she might stumble across some secrets that might cost her life.

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