Delonghi Portable Evaporative Cooler Review

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Updated November 20, 2022
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Opting for an evaporative cooler is one of the best things that you could do especially if you don’t really want to spend a lot of money on an expensive air conditioning unit. Evaporative air coolers work on the basic principle of the cooling effect that’s created when you have water evaporate from a cooling media, and by virtue of that, they don’t really require a lot of electricity to run.

Now, there’s a wide range of coolers in the market that you can choose from, but if you’re looking for one of the best-designed examples that there are, then the EV250 WH De Longhi Portable Evaporative Cooler should be top of mind. Whether or not it’s got the best features around to be regarded as the best air conditioner is something that we’re not very sure about, but if you need a cooler that looks good and works great, you might want to give it a shot.

Why We Like It – Delonghi Portable Evaporative Cooler

The Delonghi Portable Evaporative Cooler is one of the most well-designed evaporative coolers on the market, so if you’re looking for something that looks great and is able to replace warm, dry air with a cool breeze, going for it is a no-brainer.

  • Elegant design
  • 24 Hour Programmable Timer
  • Built-in ionizer for cleaner air
  • No dehumidifying function


With a water tank that can hold up to 4.5 liters of water, the De Longhi evaporative air cooler is a lot smaller than the Hessaire MC37M or the Hessaire MC18M, but it’ll still be able to run for up to 4 hours before it needs a refill. You won’t be able to connect a hose to its reservoir for continuous water supply as you would with the MC37M, but even without this, it still remains a viable option to consider for anyone who wants to improve their air quality. The Delonghi evaporative cooler white has a fan that’s got 3 speeds, but what makes it special is that it’s got 3 wind modes to choose from, which is difficult to find in any other evaporative cooler. As far as coolers with interesting features go, you will find interesting the Ductlessaire Mini Split AC which allows you to independently control the temperatures of each room. And, for a bladeless design, you’ll want to read our Dyson Cool AM07 review.

Energy Efficiency

With a timer that can be pre-scheduled round the clock, you’ll be able to decide when you need the DeLonghi evaporative cooler to generate cool air for you, and this makes it a lot more convenient & energy efficient to use than the Hessaire MC18M which doesn’t have one. Also, with the lack of a compressor (which is a major component in air conditioners), the DeLonghi air cooler doesn’t need a lot of electricity to run, as it only takes about 80 Watts to function. Another energy-efficient unit you may want to consider is the Daikin 12000 BTU Mini Split air conditioner that has a SEER rating of 17.


Inside the Delonghi cooling unit is cooling media through which air passes to create a cooling effect through evaporation, and in doing so, the unclean air in your room gets replaced with cleaner, fresh air. The cooling unit also has a dust filter, and unlike the Luma Comfort EC111B, it’s got a built-in ionizer that ensures the air that’s circulated is clean.


Just like the Costway portable air conditioner, there’s a 1-year limited warranty backing the Delonghi evaporative cooler white, so you should be able to use it without any problems while it’s still new. This is not to say that you should expect to have problems with it after a while, but in the event that you do, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact the customer care team, and you should be able to do this through the phone numbers on the “contact us” section of the website.


The Delonghi air cooler features a remote control that you should be able to use at your leisure, instead of having to walk up to it and manually adjust its settings. Also, its adjustable louvers help control the direction of its vertical circulation, ensuring fresh air is circulated into every part of the room. This is unlike the Cool-Space 36-VD air conditioner, which can cool a warehouse!

Delonghi Portable Evaporative Cooler Wrap Up

As a company that was not even established in the United States, DeLonghi has still managed to capture a specific part of the American population. The Italian company has built a good reputation for itself as a reliable company, and if you want to see how true this is, go ahead and have a look at the customer reviews that’ve been left by buyers of their products on Amazon.

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