Darth Vader Clock Radio Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re a Star Wars fan and want to wake up on the dark side of the bed every morning, the Darth Vader clock radio is just for you. The flowing red LED lights will let you know what the time is, and the unmistakable booming voice will ensure that you don’t oversleep. This Darth Vader clock made our list of best Star Wars gifts. For another great Star Wars gift, you might also want to read our review of the Darth Vader toaster too.

Why We Like It – Darth Vader Clock Radio

The Darth Vader alarm clock is a fantastic gift for any Star Wars fan. It resembles his head and has terrifying red LED numbers in his eyes to tell the time. Also, if you love dressing up for Halloween, check out our review of these top 8 geekiest but coolest Halloween costumes.

  • Radio
  • Alarm
  • Darth Vader sounds
  • No MP3 Player
  • No Bluetooth
  • Sound can be muffled


The Darth Vader alarm clock encapsulates the spirit of the sith and offers impressive performance. The clock itself takes the form of LED lights built into the eye sockets to give off a sinister vibe. It also has an AM/FM radio with a volume button, and a snooze button. This Star Wars Darth Vader clock radio also has an auxiliary jack so you can play your favorite music from your phone or other devices. If you prefer toys games, or video games please try the Xbox 360 Star Wars Limited Edition.


The design of the Darth Vader alarm clock got great customer reviews for it’s authentic and realistic appearance. The helmet comes in the iconic gloss black design while the front has the angled cheeks and triangular mouthpiece. The most prominent feature Darth Vader Alarm Clock is glowing red LED lights. Otherwise, there is also the snooze and volume controls located lower down on the face. This Darth Vader clock is also designed to play one of three authentic soundbites in his famous baritone voice. Another fantastic Star Wars product is the Luke Skywalker Force FX Lightsaber Replica. Also, check out how the Saberforge custom lightsabers let you wield the force your way.


This alarm clock and radio is fantastic for fans of the saga. It has great attention to detail and the finish looks similar to the helmet from the movie. It can tell you the time and wake you up in the morning with a menacing voice. Both new customers and old will appreciate it’s styling and it also got some good verified purchase reviews. If you’re a fan of the movies, please entertain your friends with Star Wars The Complete Saga on Blu-Ray.

Darth Vader Clock Radio Wrap Up

This alarm clock brings the presence of Darth Vader into your bedroom. It has an LED alarm clock, an AM/FM radio, and an auxiliary port to play music from your other devices. It even has authentic sound bites. Unfortunately, there’s no Bluetooth or MP3 player, but it still offers excellent value. If you love dressing up for Halloween, check out our review of these top 8 geekiest but coolest Halloween costumes.