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Crosley Solo Review

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No one would recommend a radio with terrible sound, which is why the Crosley Solo comes with a high recommendation for its clear sound and fabulous design. Is it the best tabletop radio you can buy? Quite possibly, if not one of them.

Why We Like It – Crosley Solo Review

The Crosley Solo Radio has a charming look as if you went back to the early days of radio. This might be a good option for connecting a record player to a Bluetooth speaker. The real surprise, though, is when you turn this little radio on and get a surprisingly good, crisp sound.

  • Gorgeous hand-rubbed wood and brushed metal design
  • Clear, crisp sound
  • Simple and straightforward to use
  • No presets
  • AC adaptor plug is bulky


The Solo Radio was designed with sound quality in mind, and it performs as such. At seemingly any volume, the radio’s sound is crisp and clear. Even high volume doesn’t seem to distort the quality. Its tuner is precise, so you can listen to FM radio and find your favorite FM stations with ease. If you want to mix it up a bit, there’s an aux input to play from other sources. Of course, if you want to use it with a speaker, you may want to read our Philips ShoqBox reviews.


The first thing anyone will notice about this great little radio is its exterior design. Though it has a vintage, mid-century modern look, it’s brought into the 21st century with sleek lines and a brushed metal face. This is not quite like the C.Crane CC 2E, which has a more 90s look. With three knobs, the Solo has everything you need to listen to the radio and nothing that you don’t. Of course, the form just encapsulates its true design purpose, which is to have good sound.


At this price, there are several options you can go for if you’re looking for a high-quality tabletop radio. The Sangean WR-11 Wood Cabinet is an option, though less of a unique design. The Crosley Solo looks a bit more premium, so don’t hesitate to go for it.

Crosley Solo Review Wrap Up

At this level of radio, this is where we separate basic radios like the Panasonic RF-2400D from, well, radios like this. The Solo is a no-frills, “I love radio” type of radio. If you need something to toe the line between modern and traditional radio, then go with something like the Soundance SDY019, which acts as a Bluetooth speaker as well. But, if you truly love radio and want it delivered with crisp, clear sound, then listen no further.

But, keep in mind that sometimes you’ll be troubleshooting Google Home to Bluetooth speaker connection. So, if you’re not ready for Bluetooth speakers, you’ll want to stick with the Crosley Solo.

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