Clore Automotive Jump-n-Carry JNC660 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Everybody who drives has that one fateful memory when their car couldn’t start and they had to flag down another driver for help with jump starting their engine. It isn’t a very good memory to have especially if you were stuck in the middle of nowhere when it happened. To make sure this never happens again, what you should do is get the Clove Automotive JNC660 jump starter. It comes with a 1700 peak amp of starting power, meaning it should be able to bring back to life anything from a small car to a big truck. It’s powered by a proformer battery for a high power output, a long service power and extended cranking power. Take some time to go through this JNC660 review and find out why it takes the top spot on our best jump starter list. If you’re interested in reading more about car tech, you should also read our the MIRT, or scariest device ever review too.

Why We Like It – Clore Automotive Jump-n-Carry JNC660

With jump starters becoming an increasingly necessary accessory, the JNC660 is a stellar choice for users that want to remain sure that they never get stranded because of a dead battery.

  • Overcharge protection
  • 12V DC outlet
  • Long 46-inch jump cables
  • No safety switch


Once you get the JNC660 jump starter, your days of worrying about a dead battery will be long gone. At 425 cranking amps, this jump starter from Clore Automotive has enough power to spin the starter fast enough to start the engine, and its two 46-inch jumper cables are also long enough to get to the starting points of all vehicles. As you use it to jump start any car battery, it’s important that you don’t get the terminals mixed up since the Clore JNC660 doesn’t come with any reverse polarity protection like the NOCO Boost Plus GB40 Jump Starter does.


Like most jump starters, the JNC660 jump starter comes in at a nice compact form that allows for easy carrying. It weighs about 18 pounds, and can safely be tucked away in the trunk of your car next to your air compressor. What you want to make sure though is that it stays completely dry, and that the clamps never get to touch each other. The JNC660 is also quite large in size compared to alternatives like the BEATIT G18 Jump Starter, but if you have enough storage space, then this shouldn’t be an issue.


To keep the JNC660’s 22Ah Clore proformer battery in good shape, the manufacturer advises that it gets charged immediately after jump starting a vehicle. You won’t need to worry about the portable jump starter getting overcharged after leaving it plugged in for a long time because it comes with an automatic switch-off function that turns it off once it is full. If you have a couple of accessories lying around that have dead batteries and you would like to power on, you can use the 12 volt power supply from the vehicle jump starter – just like you would on the TACKLIFE T8 800A Jump starter. To keep an eye on how much power the Jump-n-carry JNC660 has left, you’ll just need to press the red button that’s on the bottom of the battery gauge.

Clore Automotive Jump-n-Carry JNC660 Wrap Up

All it takes to get the JNC660 to the back of your trunk is an order through Amazon com, and you’ll always have something ready to produce up to 1700 peak amps of power in case you ever need to jump start your car.

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