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Buying a Vacuum

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Updated July 15, 2022

If you’re wondering how to buy a vacuum cleaner, then keep reading. Whether you’re a college student that needs an upright model that fits in tight spaces, or a retiree that wants the freedom of a robotic vacuum to ease your daily chores or looking for the best vacuum cleaner you can afford, we have all the answers below.


  • There are several types of vacuum cleaners available, with each having vastly different purposes, pros, and cons.
  • Higher-end models will come with extra cleaning tools and settings that will make them well worth their price.
  • Based on your personal preference, you should consider the type of vacuum you’ll need, such as a corded or cordless model.
  • You should also consider the needs of your lifestyle, like having a household full of hair on upholstery or delicate flooring that needs special attention.

Beginner’s Guide To BUY A Vacuum Cleaner

There are many factors that come into play when considering how to buy a vacuum cleaner. With so many options available, narrowing down your choices is crucial. And don’t forget, if you choose a bagged vacuum, you have to know how to change the vacuum bag to keep your appliance working well for a long time.

Shopping For Vacuum Cleaners By Type

Splitting up the different options and models by type gives you a great headstart on choosing a vacuum cleaner. Each one offers something different to you. You may even end up buying a couple of different models to serve your different cleaning purposes. These are the main categories that you’ll be looking into while you shop around.

Cordless Vacuums

Some households live to get rid of any cord they can. Cordless models will provide complete freedom of movement to you, like some of the leading car vacuums do. However, you will have to make sure that your cordless vacuum cleaner holds a full charge, or it could stop working before you’re ready to end your floor cleaning. 

Corded Vacuums

These models tend to be far more powerful than the cordless design. You’ll also find that they can be a pain if you don’t have various outlets to choose from. If you have mainly carpets and make messes regularly, then corded vacuums might be suitable for you.

Handheld Vacuums

Need something a little more portable? A handheld vacuum will provide portability like no other option. The biggest downside should be evident due to their size. Handheld vacuum cleaners have notoriously weak suction power and are only useful for quick clean-ups, like getting pet hair off your couch.

Robotic Vacuums

Finally, we have robot vacuum cleaners. They offer an effortless way to keep your floors clean no matter how busy you get. The downside is that they often get stuck, and you have to track them down. However, you can resolve this issue a bit if you know how robot vacuums work. Some models do offer Bluetooth connectivity, however, to help manage your robot vacuums’ location.

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Splitting up the different options and models by type gives you a great headstart on buying a vacuum cleaner.

What to Consider While Shopping for Vacuums

The number of vacuums out there can leave a consumer feeling paralyzed. Each brand and model has its pros and cons, so your lifestyle and needs should weigh heavily on your choice. From pet hair to wet dirt, there are many factors to consider.

Your House Cleaning Schedule

Consider how often you clean and how often you deep clean. A cordless, light model will be best if you like to go over your carpets every day. A heavier-duty vacuum will be a far better option if you want to do a once-a-month deep clean.

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Cordless models will provide complete freedom of movement to you.

How Many Flooring Types Your House Has

Different types of floors require other methods of cleaning. Make sure that the vacuum you’re investing in will be able to tackle the daily challenges of your life. Hardwood floors require different care than carpeting does.

Battery Power for Cordless Vacuums

If you choose a cordless vacuum, you’ll want to make sure that it has enough battery power to get through your entire house. Nothing is worse than having to stop halfway through when you’re in the middle of cleaning hard-to-reach places. Research into customer reviews will help you better determine if the battery life will be good enough.

Your Allergies or Other Health Concerns

There are vacuums and filters explicitly made to help with allergies, asthma, and more, by helping with the level of air filtration. Unlike something like an air purifier, vacuums don’t help with the air directly. Instead, they remove the microscopic particles hiding in your carpet that “puff” back into the air as you walk on it.

Noise Level of the Vacuum

Consider your surroundings and what noise level you’re willing to tolerate. For example, if you’re in an apartment, there may be quiet hours. If you work a lot, you may only be able to clean during those hours. You may have pets that are sensitive to noise. Whatever the reason, keep noise levels in mind.


Handheld vacuum cleaners have notoriously weak suction power and are only useful for quick clean-ups, like getting pet hair off your couch.


How much does a quality vacuum cleaner cost?

You can expect to pay between $400 to $900 for a high-quality model. The pricepoint will vary from brand to brand. They usually come with extra parts, as well, like crevice tools pr upholstery tools. Those add-ons make them a much better deal.

Are expensive vacuum cleaners worth it?

While lower-end models will get the job done, higher-end options will always have better results. They are worth it if you’re able to invest in your cleaning tools. Tired of pet hair everywhere? A lower-end model will lessen the problem, but a high-quality model will eliminate the problem.

Which is the best vacuum cleaner to buy?

That depends on your needs. Different models will fit your lifestyle, whether you have multiple floor surfaces or a whole herd of pets, or any other circumstances. Research the specific.

Which is better, a bagged or a bagless vacuum cleaner?

Both models will clean just as well. However, bagged vacuum cleaners are better for allergy sufferers because of their highly hygienic nature. A bagless version is harder to empty and may end up spewing some of the dirt particles back into the air.

STAT: You can save up to 30% by waiting for holiday sales to purchase your vacuum cleaner. (source)

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