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BPA Free Natural Rubber Pacifier Review

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The BIBS BPA Free Natural Rubber Pacifier takes what you like about silicone-based pacifiers and places them in rubber-based pacifiers to better emulate the feeling of skin. You’ll be paying a lot for it, though. Check out our list of best pacifiers for more great options at soothing your little one. Its an important product that boosts the health wellness of a child.

Why We Like It – BPA Free Natural Rubber Pacifier

BIBS BPA Free Natural Rubber Pacifiers are traditional pacifiers in the sense that they are BPA Free and provide a usage range of 0-6 months or 6-18 months if you;re baby really likes them. Where they differ is the rubber design taking the place of silicone. A bold move. But one with good effect as rubber feels more like skin than silicone.

  • Pacifier Feels Like Skin
  • Single Piece Construction
  • Wide Age Range
  • Some Babies May Not Like Rubber
  • Expensive


Unlike traditional silicone pacifiers, the BIBS BPA Free Natural Rubber Pacifier is made of rubber. This helps the pacifier feel more like skin and ensures a smoother transition from pacifier to nipple when it’s time to breastfeed. If you do like silicone-based pacifiers though, try the Nuk Orthodontic Pacifiers 5-pack. On a final note, with the BIBS BPA Free Natural Rubber Pacifier your baby will be able to self-soothe effectively because the pacifier orthodontic nipple mimics the shape and soft materials of the mother’s breast. Searching for a vegan peel off face mask? Read about the Boscia luminizing black mask.


The BIBS BPA Free Natural Rubber Pacifier is, as the name suggests, BPA Free and contains no chemical softeners. A plus when you want to get your baby off to a healthy start in life. The one piece construction of the pacifier also eliminates the possibility of it falling apart and having your baby cry or, even worse, the potential choking hazard from a bunch of small pieces. You can check out the Evenflo Feeding Balance Cylindrical Pacifier too for another great example of a one piece design-type pacifier.


The BIBS BPA Free Natural Rubber Pacifier is intended for babies ages 0-6 months. However, there is also an option for babies 6-18 months. This is good news if your baby takes to this pacifier and greatly enjoys it. If you’re wanting a pacifier with a tighter age-range, check out the Philips Avent SCF190/01 Soothie 0-3mth. The BIBS BPA Free Natural Rubber Pacifier retails on Amazon for $15.00 for a pack of two. This is on the extreme side of expensive, so be sure your baby really likes rubber pacifiers. If you have dry skin, you need the right moisturizer. Take a look at our Cerave moisturizing lotion hyaluronic fragrance review for a lotion that might be useful to you.

BPA Free Natural Rubber Pacifier Wrap Up

The BIBS BPA Free Natural Rubber Pacifier is an expensive piece of equipment that’s sure to turn a lot of parents off from trying it. But if you do, and your baby really takes a shine to it, how can you possibly say no? Plus, at least you’ve found a pacifier your baby will stick with until he’s about 18 months old.

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