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The Bissell Professional Cleaner Machine 86T3 from our list of the Best Carpet Cleaner is a professional grade deep cleaner for the carpets in your life. After preparing the 2 extra large tanks with a cleaning solution, you are all set to go with cleaning up your carpets. You can clean by going over the stains with the bottom of the vacuum or you can use the attachments like the hose for alternate cleaning methods.

Why We Like It – Bissell Professional Cleaner Machine 86T3

The Bissell Professional Cleaner Machine 86T3 is the best solution for a consumer tired of constantly going to their local home improvement store to rent out a carpet cleaner. This heavy duty device has enough power to keep your carpets in your home or car clean. This is a professional grade deep cleaning machine that you can purchase for your own personal needs.

  • Extra large tank capacity
  • Heavy Duty Suction
  • Extremely heavy


The Bissell big green deep cleaning machine can take on the majority of pet stains and leave your carpet smelling like new. If you want to find similar carpet cleaners, you may be interested in checking out the Hoover deluxe carpet washer FH50150. The large capacity tank is filled with a mixture of water and carpet cleaning formula. Bissell provides a trial size for you. This carpet cleaning machine will bring optimal results because of the heavy duty suction technology. The suction technology also gives you a faster dry time, which is great because who wants to spend the whole day going over the same messy spots to clean up stains.


This Bissell big green machine comes equipped with a 25 foot power cord that gives you a significant amount of movement when using your cleaner. The tank can take on a combined 1.75 gallons of water and the cleaning solution so you spend less time refilling the tank and more time actually cleaning. If you aren’t looking for a heavy duty professional carpet cleaner as this, you may be interested in the Bissell 3624 spotclean professional portable. At the end of the workday when you are done with the carpet cleaner, you simply dispose of the dirty water and refill it and it is ready to go once again.


The Bissell pet foundation ensures that with every purchase they donate 10 dollars to a pet organization. The Bissell carpet cleaner is a machine professionals would use, so naturally, it is much more expensive than your average carpet cleaner like the Hoover powerdash carpet cleaner fh50700. But alas this carpet cleaner earned its worth by allowing the user to have a wide cleaning path width due to the heavy duty suction and attachments. The Bissell company also provides a 5 year limited warranty with the purchase of this cleaner.

Bissell Professional Cleaner Machine 86T3 Wrap Up

The Bissell Professional Cleaner Machine 86T3 is a professional grade carpet cleaner that will take on the most heavy duty jobs. It may be a hassle of its own to move this carpet cleaner from location to location, but in the end, your carpet will look good as new after going over it with this professional carpet cleaner.

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