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Keep your garage and fancy car cleaned with the best car vacuum, the Bissell Garage Pro. Don’t worry about wet messes either, because the Garage Pro is also the best wet and dry vacuum cleaner. With a 32-foot long hose and on-board “full” warnings, it makes being the best shop vac look easy.

Why We Like It – Bissell Garage Pro

An ideal companion to have for cleaning out your garage and everything in between, the Bissell Garage Pro is a multi surface vacuum, picking up debris and liquids alike.

  • Multi surface cleaning system
  • Has on-board “full” indicators
  • 32-foot long hose
  • Wall mounted


Pet hair—and other debris—is simply no match for the Bissell Garage Pro. What’s most impressive is how it manages to provide said power consistently across a 32-foot long hose. The DeWalt 20V Vacuum only extends to 5 feet.

Speed & Efficiency

The Bissell Garage Pro works great, but more importantly: it’s very efficient. Thanks to its small collection of cleaning tools (attachments and whatnot), you can vacuum large cleaning paths and lift debris from hard-to-reach areas. It isn’t just for garage cleaning—cars can benefit too!

Bin Capacity & Maintenance

Canister vacuums tend to have a large capacity, and the Bissell Garage Pro doesn’t disappoint. It has 4 gallons to fill, which is plenty for tidying up your garage or car, and far more than the Eureka Easy Clean 71B can handle. However, you’ll have to clean the canister out every once in a while and also replace the filters.


The Bissell Garage Pro is light enough that wall mounting isn’t an issue; in fact, it’s something you can’t avoid. As for the hose, it’s a bit on the thinner side and rigid, so don’t tackle something too big for the hose to handle and you won’t have issues.


What having Bissell Garage Pro Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaners does is provide a one-stop option for cleaning both your car and garage, without stopping at nearby car washes or gas stations. You save so many quarters! And to sweeten the deal, you can even pick up pet stain eraser and give the interior of your car a clean up if any accidents happened now or in the past. But for your home, you’ll want a Dyson V11 Vacuum.

Bissell Garage Pro Wrap Up

If you want to save money, then you already have a justifiable reason to grab a Bissell Garage Pro—especially if you frequent car washes to use the vacuum. Use those quarters on this vacuum instead, for its multi-surface cleaning. Its 32-foot hose is long and you have a 4 gallon tank to fill.

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