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Best Dog Vacuum Brush in 2023

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What are the features that make the best dog vacuum brush? When paired with the best vacuum cleaner, these handy pet grooming tools can keep your home free of the pet hair and other pet messes that come from owning a dog. The best removable heads for pet grooming are easy to attach, easy to use, and easy to detach, making for an incredibly user-friendly experience. Pair them with the foremost cordless vacuum for pet hair and you’ll be ready to go.

These vacuum attachments are also durable and long-lasting, even despite the heavy-duty cleaning they’re often required to perform. These attachments should last you for many years to come. Plus, they can even be used to clean pet hair off your carpets, hardwood floors, and furniture. Don’t forget about the stairs! The top handheld carpet shampooer for stairs will get into those hard-to-reach places.

Keep reading to learn more about the best dog vacuum brushes, how they work, and how you can purchase the right one for your vacuum and pet grooming needs.

Top Dog Vacuum Brushes

 #1  Dyson 921000-02 Vacuum Brush


WHY WE LIKE IT: This premium vacuum attachment features a single switch for three different modes and flexible bristles that grab loose hair. This OEM part is an excellent tool for keeping a cleaner home and cutting down on airborne allergens. It just may be the best floor cleaner you can get.

  • OEM product
  • Multiple modes
  • Easy to use
  • Not a universal vacuum accessory

The Dyson 921000-02 vacuum brush is an excellent choice for users looking to take their grooming to the next level. Unlike a traditional pet brush that ends up tossing loose hair and dander around your home, this attachment lets users brush their pet’s hair directly into their Dyson vacuum. The dander, dirt, and loose pet hair get caught on the over 300 bristles that this model offers. While this product only works with Dyson products, it is the likely best choice since it is an OEM product by Dyson.

In addition to bristle density, the Dyson 92100-02 is an intuitive and easy-to-use vacuum accessory. While other attachments feature multiple settings and buttons, this model only requires a single thumb to switch between the three modes. The grooming mode is for use on medium to long-hair dogs, and the self-clean mode takes the work out of removing pet hair from the bristles, making it one of the best vacuum accessories. Lastly, the self-store mode makes it simple to neatly place this accessory on a shelf or in your pet cabinet.

 #2  Gforest SK-PET-ZW-17KIT Vacuum Brush


WHY WE LIKE IT: This nearly universal accessory offers an extendable hose and multiple connection sizes to make man’s best friend soft to touch and free from dander. For users suffering from allergies or messy floors, this model will help curb it at the source.

  • Extendable hose
  • Near universal compatability
  • Responsive button
  • Not ideal for short-hair dogs or cats

The Gforest SK-PET-ZW-17KIT vacuum brush is an excellent pick for users with big, long-hair dogs that need a versatile and simple way to keep their homes clean. The traditional brush method, unfortunately, leaves loose hair floating in the air, but this model lets you groom the family pet without making a mess. While this model isn’t ideal for short-hair dogs or cats, the durable rubber bristles will grab long loose hairs and soothe your pet.

In addition to soft bristles, the Gforest SK-PET-ZW-17KIT offers nearly universal compatibility with major vacuum brands. Additionally, the multi-part interlocking system ensures that the grooming attachment never loses suction power. This model features a single button release mechanism that removes pet hair from the bristles and whisks it away into the vacuum hose. While this model is kind to pets, you can also use it to remove matted fur and dander from your furniture, rugs, or carpet.

 #3  LANMU Vacuum Brush

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WHY WE LIKE IT: This accessory features wide compatibility and densely packed bristles to ensure loose pet hair ends up in the trash. Users will love this model for how effective it is at removing unwanted loose hair from their animal’s undercoat.

  • Extremely durable
  • Good compatability
  • Bristle cleaning function
  • No toggle function

The LANMU dog vacuum brush is a fantastic choice for users looking to curb their allergy symptoms or ensure the floorboards stay hair-free. The durable wire bristles are densely positioned, and they are soft, so your dog or cat can enjoy grooming time. Once your pet’s hair is securely in place, the bristle-guard easily pushes the loose hair and dander into the vacuum hose. While there isn’t a way to lock the bristle-guard in place, it is made from sturdy plastic that won’t get bogged down by matted hair.

In addition to ease of use and sturdy bristles, the LANMU dog vacuum brush is easy to attach and remove from your vacuum. With a quick-release converter, this model maintains high compatibility with multiple versions of Dyson vacuums and many other brands. Additionally, this model will leave your pet’s coat super-smooth, and the bristles will clear away dead skin and dander which cause allergy symptoms.

 #4  Shop-Vac 9190400 Vacuum Brush


WHY WE LIKE IT: This powerful and soothing pet vacuum brush ensures that users see a meaningful reduction in loose pet hair around their home. Pets will love the soft bristles, and users will enjoy having a home with less dander and loose pet hair.

  • Large opening
  • Easy to attachment
  • Great on furniture
  • No automatic cleaning function

The Shop-Vac 9190400 dog vacuum brush is a stellar pick for users looking to rid their home and pets of unwanted loose hair. Additionally, this unit features plastic and vinyl teeth that makes it durable while remaining non-abrasive and pet-friendly. The attachment teeth agitate your pet’s undercoat and skin to ensure that you remove the most loose hair and dander possible. While this accessory doesn’t feature an automatic cleaning function, the bristles remain easy to clean and wash thanks to the open design.

In addition to durable bristles and a wide opening, the Shop-Vac 9190400 offers a helping hand in the fight against pet dander. For users who suffer from pet allergy symptoms, this accessory clears dander and loose dirt away from your pet’s coat. Additionally, this model features bristles that are soft enough to use on upholstered furniture, rugs, and patches of carpet. Lastly, this accessory’s base is compatible with most vacuum models and hose attachments.

 #5  TPDL Groom Tool Hose Vacuum Brush

We’re sorry, this product is temporarily out of stock


WHY WE LIKE IT: This simple and versatile unit features ease-of-use and strong bristles to help users care for their animals and home at the same time. With included extras and an automatic cleaning function that takes the mess out of caring for man’s best friend.

  • Supremely easy to clean
  • Great bristles
  • Grabs a lot of hair
  • Only works with Dyson models

The TPDL Groom Attachment pet vacuum brush is a fantastic choice for users with long-haired dogs and cats. While traditional brushing can spread dander and loose hair around your home, this model ensures that your pet’s freshly-brushed hair goes directly into the dustbin. The strong bristles are soft on pets and furniture, and the bristle-guard makes it easy to clear matted hair into the hose. While this accessory only works with Dyson vacuums, the included quick-release adapter makes it compatible with most Dyson vacuums on the market.

In addition to great bristles and wide compatibility with Dyson vacuums, the TPDL pet vacuum brush offers relief from allergy symptoms from dander. The bristles exfoliate your pet’s skin and remove unwanted dead skin, dander, and dirt from your dog or outdoor cat’s coat. Additionally, the included extension hose ensures that you’ll be able to reach your dog’s entire coat by repositioning your vacuum. The entire kit is easily stored way, and the brush head can sit securely on a shelf or cleaning closet.

 #6  ORFELD VX-106 Vacuum Brush

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WHY WE LIKE IT: This versatile accessory features a novel design that ensures that your short-hair animals and home look their best. This easy-to-use model offers single-button functionality, and the included extension hose lets users conveniently clear the hair away.

  • Fantastic compatability
  • Novel design
  • Great self-cleaning function
  • No swivel function

The ORFELD VX-106 pet vacuum brush is a compelling pick for users looking to groom their pets and keep a cleaner home. Unlike other brushes which can spread unwanted pet hair and dander around your home, this model connects to most vacuums and offer a user-friendly solution to messy pet hair. The single-button operation exposes the bristles and lets you clear away loose hair from short-hair dogs and cats. While there isn’t a swivel function, the included extension hose will let users reach most areas.

In addition to a single-button operation and a long extension hose, the ORFELD VX-106 vacuum brush offers a self-cleaning function to easily clear matted hair from the bristles. Additionally, the strong bristles help exfoliate your pet’s skin, clearing away dead skin and dander into the vacuum. The brush will also leave your pet’s coat feeling soft and smooth. Lastly, this grooming kit consists of three parts that are easy to clean and store away for the next brush session.

Beginner’s Guide to Dog Vacuum Brushes

What Are Dog Vacuum Brushes?

Dog vacuum brushes are accessories you attach directly to your vacuum’s extendable hose. Depending on the specific type of dog brush you purchase, you’ll get a wide variety of features that help you groom your canine friend and clean up loose hairs around your home. Most of these tools feature flexible brush bristles for any type of pet hair and wide intake nozzles to prevent anything from getting stuck. If you don’t have a whole vacuum at the moment, you can learn how to clean carpet without a vacuum.

Dog Vacuum Brushes vs. Traditional Vacuums

Dog vacuum brushes are fundamentally different products from traditional vacuum cleaners. Where vacuum cleaners perform the actual cleaning, dog vacuum brushes are simply tools you attach to a powerful vacuum to enhance that cleaning power for a specific purpose.

While a pet brush accessory can technically groom your dog without a vacuum — albeit with some awkwardness — the attachment to the vacuum cleaner is what makes the product shine. Once attached, you’ll be able to groom your dog and clean up the loose hairs at the same time. On the other hand, vacuums come with everything they need straight out of the box.

How Dog Vacuum Brushes Work

Most dog vacuum brushes offer the same basic design and functionality. You attach the grooming tool to your vacuum’s hose and power on the vacuum. Then you sweep the brush bristles through your dog’s coat. The bristles remove loose pet hair, and the vacuum’s suction power carries the hair to the dust container.

Do You Really Need a Dog Vacuum Brush?

By all means, your vacuum can function perfectly fine without a dog vacuum brush, and you can groom your dog using other products, like manual brushes. However, this doesn’t solve the problem of cleaning up the hair after brushing.

If you find yourself frustrated with cleaning up an even bigger pet hair mess after brushing your dog’s coat, then you can’t miss out on the best dog vacuum brushes for your vacuum cleaner. Whether you’re a longtime dog owner or new to the scene, a dog vacuum brush can make grooming time so much easier overall.

Is a Dog Vacuum Brush Worth Buying?

  • You Need to Groom a Dog: The biggest reason for getting a dog vacuum brush is if you own a dog that needs to be groomed. Some dogs constantly shed, while others go through cycles of shedding. Either way, a dog vacuum brush can help you more easily manage the mess and keep your home clean.
  • You Need to Groom Other Pets: Dog vacuum brushes aren’t just good for dogs alone. If you own other pets that shed fur, like cats, a dog vacuum brush can help manage those messes as well.
  • You Need to Clean Pet Hair Around the Home: The best thing about dog vacuum brushes is the fact that they’re so good at picking up and retaining pet hair, no matter where it is. While you may not actively groom your pet, their hair can still get all over the house. This handy accessory can help you clean it up more efficiently, making your life much easier.

Why a Dog Vacuum Brush May Not Be For You

  • You Don’t Own Any Pets: Dog vacuum brushes are made for a very specific purpose. If you don’t have the need to clean up any pet hair, then these accessories won’t do you much good. Instead, look for something that fits your specific needs, like a crevice tool for cleaning tight spaces or a dusting brush for cleaning delicate areas in your home.
  • You Don’t Want to Spend Extra: While they typically aren’t astronomically expensive, dog vacuum brushes do cost extra since they aren’t often included with the purchase of your vacuum cleaner. If you’re on a tight budget or don’t want to spend extra, then purchasing a dog vacuum brush might not be the best option for you.

How Long Will Dog Vacuum Brushes Last?

Professional cleaners at companies like Classic Cleaners state that you should expect five to seven years out of most vacuum cleaners. When it comes to accessories like dog vacuum brushes, you should expect to get that same lifespan at a minimum. However, in the real world, they will often last you much longer.

Of course, the quality of the dog vacuum brush you purchase is largely dependent on the company from which you buy and how much you’re willing to spend. If you opt for a budget version, you likely won’t get as much lifespan out of the accessory as you would with premium models.

Since it isn’t always possible to test dog vacuum brushes before you purchase them, we recommend reading customer reviews to ensure you’re getting a good product. Most people will leave a review on low-quality vacuum accessories to help others avoid purchasing them and getting a bad experience.

How to Choose the Best Dog Vacuum Brush

Finding the best dog vacuum brush is a matter of identifying the specific features you need the tool to do, finding the right fit for your specific type of vacuum, and figuring out the right price range to fit your budget.

Dog Vacuum Brush Key Factors to Consider

1. Is your dog vacuum brush compatible with your specific type of vacuum?

Not all vacuums are pet vacuums, which typically feature built-in pet grooming tools and functionality. Before you purchase a new dog vacuum brush, you’ll want to be sure it works with your specific type of vacuum.

Let’s take a look at different vacuum models and how compatible they are with pet hair removal tools:

  • Upright or Stick Vacuum: This option is what most people consider to be the traditional vacuum. An upright vacuum balances on the vacuum head and offers powerful suction, which is good for cleaning up excess hair from your dog. An upright model is usually a corded vacuum, but you can also buy cordless vacuums in this category for better portability. Since upright vacuums usually feature an extendable hose, they are compatible with most dog vacuum brushes. The tool will fit directly onto the hose nozzle.
    • Canister Vacuum: This option features a large wheeled canister that sits on the ground with a long, extendable hose. These vacuums aren’t as portable as upright vacuums, but they typically offer the same level of power and functionality. Similarly, they are compatible with most dog vacuum brushes that attach directly to the hose nozzle.
    • Robot Vacuum: This option is not compatible with any dog brush attachments. While some robotic vacuums are useful for cleaning up pet hair on the floor, they aren’t built to be used with attachments like pet brushes. Robotic vacuums often make for the best cordless vacuum for tile floors.
    • Handheld Vacuum: This option is a good choice for anyone that wants to groom their dog on the go. A handheld, portable vacuum usually runs on battery power and features powerful suction that can handle most pet grooming needs. However, it’s important to remember that handheld vacuums usually don’t have any kind of extendable hose, so you’ll likely need to purchase a dog brush made specifically for the model you purchase. A handheld vacuum also tends to be the best dorm vacuum, so if you’re at college with your furry friend, this is an excellent choice.

2. What type of combs do you need to properly groom your dog?

Depending on the model you purchase, you may get a variety of different comb or bristle options on your dog vacuum brush. Let’s take a look at the most common types of combs and bristles so you can determine exactly what you need to properly groom your pets:

  • Brush: A standard brush attachment can help keep your dog’s coat shiny and smooth while removing excess hairs and sucking them up.
  • Grooming tool: A grooming tool is made specifically for removing tangles and snarls in your dog’s fur while vacuuming up any pet dander, hair, or other debris that is knocked loose in the process.
  • Flea comb: A flea comb features tightly-spaced teeth that can easily pick up both fleas and flea eggs in your dog’s fur.
  • Shedding comb: A shedding comb is meant to be used during your dog’s shedding season. It usually features both long and short teeth to capture all of the shed hair, no matter where it is in your dog’s coat.
  • Upholstery tool: An upholstery tool helps you clean up the dog hair that has gotten stuck to the fabric on your furniture. These vacuum attachments usually feature a wide intake nozzle with soft bristles to knock debris and pet hair loose without damaging your upholstery.

3. How easy is it to remove pet hair from the grooming tool?

Once you start grooming your dog with the pet hair attachment on your vacuum, you might wonder how to free the hair that has been caught in the bristles or comb teeth. Some dog vacuum brushes are designed to suck the hair in immediately, while others require you to manually remove the hair every so often. Some dog vacuum brushes even feature a unique design that allows you to simply press a button to release the dog hair into the vacuum’s hose.

Whatever option you choose should be user-friendly and easy for you to do. If you purchase a grooming attachment that makes it harder to clean up your dog’s hair, then it counteracts the entire convenience of owning a vacuum attachment like this.

4. Do you need a powered pet hair tool?

Some dog vacuum brushes offer motorized functionality that makes it easier to remove shedding fur and clean up pet hair around the home. However, if you opt for a motorized pet vacuum attachment, you’ll want to ensure you won’t hurt your dog with it.

In general, we don’t recommend using motorized pet tools on dogs with long hair. If you want a motorized tool, we generally recommend using it only for cleaning up pet hair from the floor, car, or furniture.

5. What kind of floor types do you have in your home?

One of the best things about dog vacuum brushes is the fact that they can also oftentimes be used to clean up excess hair around the house. If you plan on using your groom tool for this purpose, you’ll want to be sure you understand how it will work on the different floor types in your home.

For example, if you want to clean pet hair off hardwood floors, you’ll want something with soft bristles that will capture the hair without damaging the floor. For carpet, you’ll want a motorized attachment that can free the hair from the carpet fibers. Once you finish brushing the fur out of your carpets, we recommend you use something like the best portable carpet cleaner to thoroughly clean your carpets.

Dog Vacuum Brush FAQs

Is it worth it to buy a pet vacuum?

Pet vacuums are only worth the additional cost if you actually have pets. Their powerful suction combined with pet-specific functionality is perfect for cleaning up messes like pet hair and cat litter. Whether you have golden retrievers or hamsters, pet vacuums are excellent cleaning tools.

Are bagged vacuums better for pet hair than bagless vacuums?

There are good options for cleaning up pet hair in both the bagged and bagless vacuum categories. On one hand, bagged vacuums retain the pet hair better, so it doesn’t get clogged in the internal components of your vacuum. On the other hand, bagless vacuums are more lightweight and often feature more powerful suction and advanced technology.

Is it okay to vacuum your dog?

In general, you should avoid vacuuming your dog with the standard vacuum attachments that come with the model you purchase. This can scare your dog or even damage its coat. If you’re using grooming tools made specifically for dogs, you avoid these problems.

How often should you vacuum if you have dogs?

We recommend vacuuming once or twice a week if you have dogs. This way, you’ll keep your home free of pet dander, hair, and dust. When it comes to vacuuming your dog, you should only do so when necessary, such as during shedding season.

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