Looking to donate some extra sperm, but are feeling a bit lazy about the whole “process?” Then make your way to Nanjing, China (the capital of Jiangsu Province) where a new machine makes sperm donation a whole lot easier with their automatic sperm extractor that eliminates the need for any manual stimulation.  To extract the sperm, the machine uses a massage pipe that can actually be adjusted to fit the height of the user, so all guys need to do is choose the frequency, amplitude and temperature they’d like to get off with.


And if it takes a bit more stimulation for them to fill the cup, there’s a small screen attached on the top of the machine for visual help. So why not just do it the good old fashioned way you ask? Well, the hospital’s director of urology says that the machine is supposed to aide with those who are stage fright when doing it on their own. As if being “milked” for sperm is any better, right? We can just imagine what would happen if the machine is accidentally placed on its fastest frequency…ouch!

Kristie Bertucci

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