ASUS AC3200 Review

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Updated August 1, 2022
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You don’t have to look far for the best router that delivers a high-speed, reliable wireless connection—not while our ASUS RT AC3200 Tri-Band Router review is here. Featuring a gigabit internet connection, and a handful of useful ports, the ASUS AC3200 is prepared to handle a band of friends for game night or binge-watching your favorite show. If you are looking for the best router, this could be it.



ASUS AC3200 Review


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Why We Like It – ASUS AC3200 Review

The ASUS AC3200 has fast, reliable speeds, ready to assist a group of gamers with its performance and multiple ports. For a similar comparison, have a look at our review on the 9 most compelling features of the Netgear AC1900 nighthawk 5ghz smart wifi router.

  • High speed, reliable wireless performance
  • Great for multiple connected devices
  • Can double as a VPN/NAS server
  • Average file-transfer performance
  • Bulky design


When operating on 2.4GHz, the router is capped at 600Mbps. You don’t start to see a major drop-off until you head 30 feet away (excluding walls). However, the AC3200 has two 5GHz access points, allowing for each to get 1300Mbps, respectively, easily beating ASUS’ own RT AC68U and Netgear Orbi RBK23.

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That kind of performance makes the ASUS AC3200 versatile. You can easily set it up as a VPN/NAS server and allocate enough resources for it to be useful. And thanks to Smart Connect functions, additional devices connecting will have their fastest band chosen for them based on needs, individually. For more routers with similar features, check out our roundup of the leading Cisco routers. Additionally, you can also read our Cisco RV340 review.


It isn’t surprising that ASUS gave the AC3200 Gigabit Router a very “gamer” look to it. For a slimmer but still powerful router, you might like the D-Link DIR-826L Dual-Band Gigabit Cloud router. But its shape and size can get in the way if you don’t dedicate enough real estate to it. Still, it’s only one router whereas the TP-Link Deco Whole Home Mesh uses three.

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On the bright side, the AC3400 Dual Band Wi-Fi Router comes with a handful of modern connectivity ports. In the back are four gigabit LAN ports (gigabit Ethernet), a single gigabit WAN port, one USB 2.0, and one USB 3.0 port. That’s great considering the Eero Pro Mesh Wi-Fi System (2nd Gen) isn’t equipped with any Ethernet ports.


The ASUS AC3200 has a lot to offer as far as great tri-band routers go—especially for a group of strong heroes. Its strong performance and multiple connectivity ports prove that. However, that strength can also be its weakness.

To make use of everything the ASUS AC3200 Tri-Band Wireless Network Router has to offer, it should be used across a handful of devices, an addition to your home network. For example, if you use multiple smart home devices, the AC3200 shines.

ASUS AC3200 Review Wrap Up

Whether you’re enjoying a streaming night with friends or game night, the ASUS AC3200’s performance and VPN/NAS server capabilities are more than prepared to make that happen. This is especially true with the number of devices it can handle. Transfer speeds were average, and the design is bulky, but the AC3200 performs where it matters most.

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