Apple Watch Series 5 Hermes Edition Review

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Updated January 5, 2023
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As part of number 4 in the best apple watches buying guide due to being part of the Edition series, the apple watch hermès edition balances both fashion and functionality. In addition to having the features of the apple watch series 5 watches, their appearances are mostly customizable, including the watch faces. Take a look at this edition to see if it is one of the best smart watches on the market.

Why We Like It – Apple Watch Series 5 Hermes Edition

These apple watches have the same features as the series 5 watches, with the only difference being customizable style. The bands come in many colors such as orange, green, and purple, and the changeable watch face feature is used to complete the desired look.

  • Can be worn as sportswear, casualwear, and formalwear
  • Has all the features of a regular series 5 watch
  • Includes higher quality bands
  • Expensive due to cosmetic customization


Its processing power surpasses both the apple watch series 3 and especially the apple watch series 2, and due to being a different version of the apple watch series 5, it has all of its features. These features include the Always-on Retina Display, GPS, fall detection, and optical heart and electrical sensors. It can also withstand 50 meters of water depth, has a battery life of 18 hours, and has a brightness of 1000 nits. If you prefer a watch that will last much longer and is great for seniors, check out our guide on the top elderly smartwatches.

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The watch itself has a stainless steel case that can be silver or space black, and comes with magnetic charging cable, a power adapter, a sport band, and a band made of real leather. Both types of bands come in many colors such as red, black, and navy blue, and the leather band has the option of being either a single tour or double tour. The bands are simple, comfortable, and adjustable enough to fit most wrists.

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The reason this series costs more than the regular apple watch series 5 watches is because of the cosmetic additions it has. One of the cosmetic additions that could inflate the price would be the leather bands, which usually cost over $300 by themselves. Unless the customer really wants the fashion option and has that kind of spending money, buying a regular series 5 watch with a stainless steel case is a cheaper alternative. If you’re not sold on the Apple Watch or just want to see what else is out there, check out our guide on the best smartwatch for texting.

Apple Watch Series 5 Hermes Edition Wrap Up

The Hermès edition can mostly match a brand new apple watch such as the series 6 watch in terms of specifications. However, the only two reasons this watch is as expensive as it is is due to its appearance and leather bands. Potential first time users should probably buy the regular series 5 watch unless they’ve had previous experience with apple watches and just love how fashionable it is.

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