5 of the Best Personal GPS Tracking Devices

GPS trackers are getting thinner, cheaper, and more useful for security and outdoor activity than ever before. In fact, several excellent models may have crept into the market without you realizing it. Here’s a list of the top personal tracking devices for the safety of your kids, pets, and hiking adventures.

1. Trax

Trax stands out by being highly consumer-oriented in its approach to GPS tracking devices. The company offers one Trax package that includes two different clips (albeit only one tracker), one for clothing and one for a collar, indicating the company’s two different approaches for kids and dogs. The app features are similarly designed for split purposes. You can create schedules, track phones, design your own geofences or proximity fences, and set up speed alerts for unexpected behavior. There’s also an interesting augmented reality options that helps show where the tracker is nearby when using your phone camera, a feature unique to Trax.


2. Spot Gen3

Spot Gen3 takes a different approach to GPS tracking by using a personal GPA tracking device that’s much more than just a tracking chip. This larger tracker comes without a screen (to be even more durable, it seems) but does have several buttons for different commands. It can track exactly where you are, record where you’ve been, allow you to check in at specific places, and even send specific pre-planned messages or SOS signals when necessary. Make no mistake, Spot is for hiking and adventuring enthusiasts, not for making sure your kids come home safely – but it’s also very good at what it does.

3. DeLorme InReach SE

The DeLorme inReach SE, despite its odd capitalization, is an excellent modern GPS tracker if you want something more social than the Spot Gen3. This device has a tiny screen and basic direction buttons you can use to tap out a text message no matter where you are or what mountain you just scaled. It also has SOS capabilities, extensive tracking, and a highly impressive 100-hour lithium battery. It’s a bit more professional and feature-filled than the Gen3, but the price is also significantly higher.

4. Amber Alert GPS


Back to the basics: If you just want to make sure that your kids are safe, check out this little tracker dongle, designed specifically for parents. Actually, it’s a little unfair to call it merely a tracker, because this GPS tracking dongle also include two-way voice communication that can be activated with a single button. It offers basic tracking and safety alerts for worried parents, connecting to a smartphone app that can show location and more. It’s a great little device for safety-based tracking, but it does come with a catch. The GPS tracker requires a coverage plan that costs at least $15 per month plus an activation fee, which may not compare favorably to options like Trax depending on your needs.

You can get the Amber Alert GPS here for $125, but don’t forget about those service plan costs

5. Garmin Chirp Geocaching Wireless Beacon

Garmin Chirp Geocaching Wireless Beacon is something of a supermarket in the personal tracking devices world, with options for people, pets and vehicles, each with its own characteristics. The personal GPS locator is designed for kids, teens, seniors, and anyone else who wants them. The small pocket sized tracker makes it conveniently small and will ping a GPS satellite every 2-second to update its location. The battery is good for up to 1-year, whereupon it will need to be replaced with a new set. Geofencing also gives you important updates on location. If you aren’t quite sure what features you want in a tracker, Garmin’s Chip model makes a good starting place given its low price.

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  1. My wife and I are traveling throughout Thailand for several weeks and what would be the best system to use in order to be able to find each other if we should ever become separated? It seems to me that to do so our smart phones would need to be set on Data for its use.
    This could be costly.
    Is there something that doesn’t require Data service in order to keep aware of a person while traveling?

    1. Are you in need of Tracking a mobile phone ?
      Do you think your spouse is having an external affair ? If you are sure about that then this solution is for you.
      Track their mobile device, monitor the activities on their devices, read their phone messages, WhatsApp chats, Facebook messages, call logs. You are also able to recover deleted files and chat history.

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      Track the activity of a smartphone from any of your mobile devices.

    2. Check into a Trackimo device. They are world-wide, small, and use a variety of methods to figure out where you are. I’m surprised they were excluded from this review. They have the cheapest web fee, at only $5 a month. The device has an SOS button and two buttons you can assign a different message to.

    1. I use them too, but I’m not very happy they stopped reporting the time on the computer browser version of the website, where I have to manage my fleet. When you do a history and click on a datapoint it doesn’t report the time a vehicle was there, only the date. I can’t tell without calling a driver whether or not they met up and transferred goods!
      It used to show this no problem. The data is there if you do a csv download and can translate longitude and latitude coordinates in your head, but I find that inconvenient.

  2. What is the best tracker for international travel? I am going to El Salvador and would like my family to be able to track me.

    1. Trackimo is international. It uses a phone chip, so check with the company to get the model compatible with your destination. I have some old 2G models that will not work in the U.S.
      oldelectronicdevices at g mail. com

  3. It’s great to have this type of technology I’m using one for my elderly mom. It gives peace of mind knowing I can check on her anytime.

  4. Which of these trackers are the tiniest? Are there other more small trackers in the market, can anyone suggest?

    1. Whistle.com. It’s designed to track pets, but it works just fine for people.
      Good battery life, about 5 to 7 days, quite small, durable, and waterproofed.
      Also, inexpensive data plan, which is the key thing to ask about if you’re considering a device like this.

  5. I am considering of getting a 3g GPS tracker for my son with special needs. It would be great being able to keep an eye on him when I need to.

    1. If you’re looking for a 3G tracker then Trackimo is perfect for you. Been using it for quite awhile now and it never failed me in tracking my son’s location. Not to mention it has very low monthly fee and great features.

  6. I want a tracker that I can place on my 5 year-old that cannot be removed. My kid is smart and will try to remove it. He’s a runner. I need something that is hidden and cannot be removed. I’m seriously considering a prison anklet.


    1. I recommend angelsense, it’s designed for kids with autism and elopers. We’ve had it for 2 years and love it. Our son won’t wear a watch, so this was the best solution. It has a belt pouch option that my son prefers. He can’t take it off.

  7. I can’t imagine a world without trackers. Glad to have this kind of commercialized trackers. I have a different tracker and it works fine too!

    1. What do you use? I have also a tracker that is not mentioned in here and is doing it’s job pretty well too!

  8. The availability of these trackers is so helpful. I’m looking for a brand that I can use to keep track of an elderly family member.

    1. i use trackimo and after a free 1st year of service, a mothly fee for a price of a cup of coffee is not hefty for me which costs at $5. and it’s not pain in the back because it is lightweight

      1. Yes it is very lightweight and been using it for my drone. Doesn’t affect my flight at all. The geofence feature is also quite impressive I must say.

  9. ohh yes the trackimo, it is lightweight and i have been using them for months. their geofence feature is a lot of help i say

    1. Try trackimo! Been using it ever since, and so far it works very well. Price is really worth it. It gives you the service and the quality that you deserve.

  10. Great information about these GPS trackers. I’m planning to have one but haven’t decide on what to get, These really helps a lot.

  11. I am looking for something that’s small like a medal that she can ware… She has dementia… and I need to locate her position at times… like at the airport that has a bath room with 2 exits…

    1. I too am looking for a small necklace type GPS, as my mother also has dementia and is at times ready to RUN out the apartment and it being winter here in Canada its not good plus she needs a key to get back in and I am not sure he would remember our apartment number if he managed to get back in .

      Also one that would work in Canada.

    2. I would suggest the one that I’ve been using for my mom lately. It can be worn around the neck and also can be attached to the clothing.

  12. Speaking from my personal experience, I will suggest you to check out PT36 Personal Tracker from ThinkRace Technology. The tracker is mini in size but large on features.

    Three-mode positioning: GPS+WIFI+LBS
    SOS for call
    Voice Monitoring
    Magnetic charging

  13. I would like a device for horseback riding I would like something that would enable someone to find me if I fall off and I’m injured, or I could send out a signal if I’m lost. Which would you recommend?

  14. TrackR Bravo is Missing from the list. I am using it and it’s a great product, it’s the coin-sized traker and you can attach it to any item and use the TrackR app to locate it in seconds.

    1. biggest waste of money I bought 5 the one on my keys shows them being 2 blocks away after trying another 2 with the same issues they all went in the trash, company wont even return emails either
      so they must know their products are shit aswel

      1. I agree. Distance is very short, less than 30′ if it finds it at all. Using “crowd sourcing” as a mechanism to find your device if any distance is useless unless you are in a city and somebody is walking by with the app on.

    1. Well, it depends of what kind of hardware does the tracker have. Others only support through Bluetooth, which is kinda sucks regarding to the range. But there are lots of “GPS” trackers that purely uses GPS and other GPS related hardware that is hard-wired inside those trackers. Some may use sim cards which also works

  15. I’m trying to find a good tracking device to give to my boyfriend for his trip to “find bigfoot”, I know, I know, but he’s adamant. I want to be able to find him no matter HOW far of course he might go. So his end of it needs to be very durable, and easy to carry around. What would you recommend? Ideally, I’d like to be able to see where he is at all times since he’s going alone. Also, it would be nice for it to have a feature where if he needed help immediately, he’d be able to communicate that to me so I could get the authorities involved in finding him. Don’t get me wrong, I have lots of faith in him, but this is more for my own peace of mind.

    1. I’ve been using Trackimo for about a year already and I’d gladly recommend it to you. It’s really efficient to use especially in tracking one’s location instantly wherever the person might be. It also has a special SOS button for emergency purposes in which you will be alerted when uncertain things happen to him. Trust me, it absolutely works.

    1. Whoever has an ‘abusive mate’ has problems they need to fix that are beyond whether or not they are tracked with one of these. Come on.

      1. That response was really uncalled for. The question was a valid one. There are many reasons a woman might choose to stay with her controlling mate. One of the most significant reasons is that if he has threatened to kill her if she leaves – and believe me, this happens way more than you think it does – she may actually be safer staying than leaving. Cops can’t do a damn thing unless he does something and of course by then, in some cases, unfortunately it’s too late.
        People who know nothing about the reality of a woman in a controlling relationship really should not be dissing these women. The woman is always the best person to determine if it’s safe to leave her abuser, or not (that is… if she even has any self-esteem left to believe she is worthy).
        I was a counsellor and educator in the field of VAW for many years. Also a certified self-defence instructor. Just saying …I know what I’m talking about.

        1. I hear you, but I don’t agree. No offense, but your a counselor? I myself have been in a very abusive relationship. Staying is just as dangerous. These men who abuse no longer look at their mate as a person with rights or feelings. They become the abusers property. Staying is poison. Women in these situations need to protected in a shelter and hidden away until an injunction is served. I can’t imagine being in that relationship now. When your in it you become the sickness. You can’t think clearly because your being brain washed. Most important advice I would give anyone in an abusive relationship is: DON’T KEEP IT A SECRET!! I never told anyone what I was going thru and so when I was finally able to make a break, he flipped the story on me caused me great damage. Keeping it a secret protects HIM, not you!!! It’s hard to leave as crazy as that sounds. You lose all sense of self. Your right, police do nothing! That in itself does a job on your head. Go to a shelter. Get with a woman’s abuse group. Know your worth and love yourself enough to save yourself. You are worth it!!

          1. Just because you were able to leave doesn’t mean every other woman is in the same situation, there are many factors involved in why people stay or are able to get out. What you’re doing is shaming other women for staying, when you don’t know their situations. Consider yourself fortunate, because not everyone has the ability to do what you did. And yes, abusers DO use tracking devices to locate their victims, often unknowingly, so it is a valid concern.

  16. We love our angelsense gps tracker. Would you please do a review of it? It is far more advanced than these other trackers.

  17. Who can voluntarily help locate my lost tablet with the bellow information of it;
    Serial number R52G90NPKZP,IMEI 35196907676599,Device made is Samsung Galaxy Tab A.

    Gadisa Gashu

  18. Pls, I need one of this gadget for tricycle to control the movement. Am from Nigeria, pls reply me how to get it.

    1. There’s a lot of gps tracker that you can avail. Have you heard about “TRACKIMO”? It is one of the best tracker in the world. I bought 1 last month and it really works. It was more than I expect! It’s really nice and affordable. Your money is worth it swear.

      1. I can attest it to be the best in the market if you’re looking into something economical. It’s not easy to get a tracking device that does map the place entirely since most tracking devices I know uses bluetooth.

  19. I delivered phone books once and the co. Gave a device we used to track the addresses we deliverd to os on the delivery list. I deliver newspapers and i have a list, do you have a device i can use to asdure i delivered to the address??
    I desperately need something. I get charged for every complaint amd lots are false.

  20. I would like a GPS that is suitable for my workers that are working above hatch covers of vessels which contain containers below. The objectives of the GPS are so that I would be able to know where they exactly are in the vessels and to ensure their well-being. Do get back to me as soon as possible

    1. try using Trackimo GPS tracker, very usable especially for business.. been using the device almost a year now..and it really works on my small delivery service..you can visit their site http://www.trackimo.com to know more about the device.

      1. I’ve heard about this trackimo and have looked into their website. It seems a pretty good device. Planning to have a tracker and I think I will consider this one.

        1. Yes! Trackimo is certainly a great device. I’ve had it for my drone and definitely gives precise location to where my drone is. Also tried it for my grandma who has alzheimer’s disease.

  21. Please, I have gone through your products , they are for detectives, how can I have the test of it. I wish to import some. I am from Nigeria.

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