Asymmetrical artistic expression is increasing in popularity and complexity. Not to mention some of it is just downright awesome. We took a good look at the Hidden Chairs from French designer Ibride. Using a warped wood construction, the creators were able to construct a seating option that defies the senses when gazed upon from specific angles. It’s exactly the sort of thing you want around to confound your inebriated party guests at your next big bash.

Artist Joel Escalona uses varying wood finishes in rectangular shapes that fit together to create different colors and textures in his fixtures. These are the Boleanos. The furniture and fixtures trick your senses with an optical illusion of sorts. Feshome reports, the designs are inspired by the idea of construction and deconstruction. It’s evident the finished pieces look like they are in a state of just that–either in the process of being assembled or disassembled. The use of different textures and the wood–in and of itself–comes together to produce a very original striking and stylistic modernity. I challenge anyone with serious obsessive compulsive disorder to sit unmoving in a room filled with these things and effectively resist the urge to “straighten” the pieces, which seem to defy gravity and threaten to topple over at any moment.  I double dare you.

The Boleanos are an optical marvel and were created for the opening week of Design Week Mexico’s “Hecho en México” exhibit south of the border in Mexico itself. It’s not immediately obvious, but these are actually a set of 3-working drawers. The artist is quoted stating ,“This cabinet was designed by using different wood finishes, each piece is rectangular with seemingly similar components, which when combined, create totally different colors and textures, highlighting the richness of the materials.”  

Shawn Sanders

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