Gadget Review: Vibram 5 Fingers Flow BareFoot Shoes

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18 Comments to Gadget Review: Vibram 5 Fingers Flow BareFoot Shoes

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  3. Just FYI I think you may have been the victim of a spammer … note the link from jenson to vibramfivefingersshoes dot com — that link now points to a vibram server (probably b/c Vibram didn’t take kindly to someone domain squatting). Then note the howardmarks link that refers to the jenson post.

    Well, you’d probably not notice this but since I went to the site that *was* hosted at vibramfivefingersshoes dot com, I can tell you: that site is now barefootrunningshoes dot org (same design, layout, etc.). In fact, if you take jenson’s link and replace the vibram… domain with the barefoot domain (but leave the rest of the link in tact), it will direct you to the same post.

    Things that make you go hmm right?

    Anyway, sorry to bother. Great review of Flows here and if you ever do any activities in them get someone to snap a couple of photos – would be pumped to feature a Flow story on (Flows are the least common VFFs so they are majorly underrepresented on the fan site). I’m trying to get some Flows now b/c they are the only VFFs I’ve yet to try …

  4. Wanting to avoid any self-fulfilling prophecies brought on by wanting these shoes to work, I began taking a pragmatic look at these shoes in different scenarios. So far I would give them solid ratings for running both cross country and pavement. Rocks, debris, and even the heat of the road are felt. I don’t feel much faster in these shoes but my form and particularly my calf strength have improved significantly. Rock climbing with these on was not good. The dexterity was good but the sole was too slick and tiny footholds poked into the bottom of my foot. Walking, hiking, and weightlifting with these shoes on is a positive experience. When all is said and done I do not regret buying but they do take some getting used to.

  5. I bought a pair of them a couple of months ago trhough the website in Spain because I have always been very keen on running barefoot, as I consider my technique improves and I get stronger foot muscles. Up to now, even if they are a bit “freaky” I consider this has been the best product I have bought in years. Greatly recommended.

  6. Illini Law

    These shoes are incredible. I bought a pair to take with me to Puerto Rico to hike in the El Yinque rain forest reserve. I live in Chicago and to get my feet comfortable for the trip I have been wearing them around the city (in April if you can believe it). They have immediately become my favorite shoe in my closet. I wear them all the time now. These shoes are worth every penny!

  7. i have a pair of the KSO’s and socks the shoes are a little lighter than the flow’s. anyway i have had mine for almost a year now and they are great for everything that ive come up with to use them for… i will and do recommend them to everyone i see

    • Lifeisbeautiful

      Love these shoes!! You can buy special socks to keep your feet warm. I have three of the four models and decide which to use depending on the climate and what I'm doing. I live in Hawaii and travel often to Washington state and Canada. Been using them for eleven months; they healed my foot of painful heal spurs that I suffered with for two years. My feet are healthy and happy in these shoes. Oh yeah, they are goofy, but for daily errands and recreational activities they are perfect!! My dad bought a pair and his curled atrophy toes actually straightened out as his toe muscles were strengthened from using these shoes. I wish I took before and after pictures. My mom, dad, bro and sis n law all bought these shoes as well. Aloha!

      • Dewey Fish

        I have a friend who has Heel Spurs and he is considering Surgery… How long did it take you to heal your spurs using Vibrams?? and would you suggest this is perhaps the best method??? Please send your response to:

        • howardmarks

          I think the shoes do help. I’ve been barefoot running for a while after i noticed an improvement in my leg strength as well as assisting in getting me back into running after many knee injuries. I’ve also tried the nike frees which helped a bit more in terms of flexibility but definitely not like barefoot running.. this comparison is a great starting point:

          If you don’t want to get these shoes yet but want to try changing your style of running, I noticed that when I run with my older shoes by change my striking method from heel strike to front foot strike, my joints don’t get the same soreness as well. So maybe it’s not all about the shoes if you have the discipline to run correctly, this video also is a great source for the differences in heel striking:

          also, jenson, i think the site you referred to are down right now.. i think has mocs and performas as well as treks too.

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