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The Whistler xtr 543 has what it takes to be the Best Cordless Radar Detector because it provides total laser detection from all ranges. It has various methods to alert you of oncoming radars, such as the X K and KA bands, so you are in the know while driving. You can filter out the bands it detects to lower the risk of false alerts. That is a key characteristic of the best radar detectors.

Why We Like It – Whistler XTR 543

The Whistler xtr 543 laser radar detector may be the sole deciding factor in either dodging your next speeding ticket or getting caught red handed in the act. It is a battery operated laser radar detector that you can place anywhere around your dash for maximum comfort. The real voice alerts will inform you of any radar guns nearby while your eyes stay glued to the road. Another cordless detector you should research about is featured in our Whistler xtr 540 review.

  • The POP mode can detect rapid radar guns
  • VG-2 protection saves from detection
  • Some customers said the device was too sensitive and picked up too many signals


Having the Whistler xtr 543 detectors by your side will improve your driving by giving you alerts when you need to adjust your speed from oncoming police radar guns. It has a POP mode that is specifically used for instant radar near you. You can power up this device using any rechargeable batteries. Once it is up and running, any radar that you come in contact with will cause the LED lights on this device to flash and it will pair with a voice alert as well.


With the high gain lens, expect this detector to cover a wide field of range that gives you more time to prepare yourself from oncoming radar guns. While out on the road you can adjust between 3 cities and 1 highway mode, which will help you lessen the frequency of false alerts. If you would like to find more detectors with a wide field of range, feel free to check out the Valentine One radar detector.


This Whistler has a plastic build, so it will take a couple of dings here and there and still function as it should. You are always welcome to add on any protection plan in case you need a little more peace of mind. If you want to see what the competition offers, feel free to check out the Uniden r3 extreme long range radar laser since it comes with its own carrying case.

Ease of Use

Whistler made the XTR 543 with a simple interface. The front end of the device has a red OLED text display where you can see visual alerts and more settings. On the top portion of the device, there is a power on/off, a quiet button which doubles up as the volume, a city button where you can go from city or highway mode, and a menu button for all settings. Interested in one of the best radar detectors for a motorcyclist? Read the Adaptiv tpx review.


Investing in a laser radar detector can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars on speeding tickets by staying alert on the road ahead. With the cloaking VG-2 technology on this device, it will ensure that no other detector can see you. This detector has various features like alert priority which will save you from false alerts and provide a more precise reading. While setting up this device, the cordless design will give you the liberty to place this detector anywhere you would like. If you are not sold on this detector at this point, it may be time to check out other devices like the Escort solo s4 radar detector.

Whistler XTR 543 Wrap Up

With the Whistler XTR 543 on your side, you will be notified of any radars or speed cameras up ahead and the device will go as far as setting up a priority list to know of the most important things first. It will keep your eyes on the road with voice alerts, and all you need to power it up is some rechargeable batteries.

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