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If you want to find the Best Radar Detector, the Whistler Xtr 540 has plenty of abilities that may be the right fit for you. This detector is battery powered so it minimizes the clutter and still provides all the detection you need to be on top of radar guns on the road.

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Why We Like It – Whistler XTR 540

The Whistler XTR 540 is a cordless radar detector that can keep you informed on any police lurking in the midst of your path using radar guns to give you a fat ticket on sight. It can accomplish all this on 3 AA Ni-MH batteries.

  • Auto quiet helps you stay hidden from detectors
  • 72 point compass gives you more precise readings
  • Customers complained about many false alerts


Since this Whistler model is not restricted by a power cord, you can place it anywhere in your car that is most comfortable for you. The detector picks up from a wide variety of bands including X band, K band, and Ka band. If it receives multiple alerts at once, it has a strict alert priority list to ensure that you get informed on the most important radars first. You have nothing to fear while using this product because there is cloaking technology that prevents it from being noticed on other detectors. When it alerts you it uses a low profile alert which consists of flashing LED lights, tones, and text display, so if you would rather find a device with voice alerts, you may want to check out the Uniden r3 extreme long range radar laser. For a device that will have very few false alarms, read our Whistler xtr 538 review.


You can choose between 3 city modes and a highway mode which will adjust the range so you receive more accurate readings. Through the available bands, the device can detect short and long range radar. The POP mode detection specifically helps you find the instant laser from radar guns. In case you want to find more laser detectors that can go the distance, feel free to check out the Valentine One radar detector.


These laser radar detectors have a plastic build so it can definitely take some damage. If you feel better with some sort of insurance on it feel free to ask your retailers if that is available for you. To make the battery life last, there is an auto shut down feature that will turn off the device after some time being idle.

Ease of Use

You can learn how to use this detector in as little as a day since it has an easy interface. On top of the device is a power button. There is also a quiet/volume button that will help you silence this detector. There is a city button that adjusts the mode that you are in and finally a menu button. Windshield mounting may be a little different since it does not have suction cups to keep it up. If you are a fan of the Whistler brand, also check out the Whistler xtr 543 review.


Having a laser detector may help you stay out of financial debt by saving you from tickets. With the battery design from this laser detector, you can take in anybody’s car so friends and family can benefit from your purchase. The 72 points digital compass will provide more accuracy than the competitors. If you are not convinced that this product is for you, it may be time to consider other alternatives such as the Escort Solo S4 radar detector.

Whistler Xtr 540 Wrap Up

The Whistler XTR 540 laser detector is a great device to go with because it will provide a wide range of coverage while ensuring that you don’t get caught using it. Not only will this device find the radars around you but it will have a priority list prepared for you to see the most important signals first.

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