What is a Portable Projector?

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Updated December 8, 2022

If you’re wondering, “What is a portable projector?” you might be ready to commit to the purchase price of handheld projectors. The portable projector market is full of fantastic products. However, this type of projector is useful only in specific circumstances.


  • A portable smart projector is a miniature version of standard projectors and is widely considered a great budget projector with a reasonable price range.
  • Multiple models are available on the portable projector market, such as the portable LED projector, smart Wi-Fi projectors, and portable modern projectors.
  • While the portable size of these projectors is convenient, they have poor image quality and will struggle to work in the presence of a strong light source.

Their compact size makes them some of the best projectors on the market. Whether you want a portable LED projector or something different, make sure you invest in a portable projector screen, as well, by knowing which portable projector to choose.

What to Know About Portable Projectors

Portable projectors are excellent for a variety of reasons. They run on battery power, which is highly convenient. Some models boast an impressive three-hour battery life. While their image quality may be lacking, they more than make up for it with their wireless connectivity.

Insider Tip

If you feel like your image size is off or distorted, use keystone correction to find your portable projector screen’s sweet spot.

For the best outdoor movie nights, make sure you have a screen to view your favorite movies. Learning how to make a curved projector screen can provide the perfect screen for your portable movie projectors. You can even compare brands, like the Vanky vs Dr. J projector, and the types, such as laser vs LED projectors, before buying. 

Types of Portable Projectors

There are a few different models on the portable projector market:

  • Portable LED projector
  • Portable budget projector
  • Smart Wi-Fi mini projector

There are tons of projector models, from business projectors to a pico projector. If you’re interested in learning more about the modern projector, check out our article comparing a 3D ready vs a full 3D projector.

Advantages of Mini Projectors

Having a pocket projector opens you up to a world of possibility. Here are some of the best reasons for investing in portable projectors:

  • Inclusion of a built-in speaker for most designs
  • Usage of rechargeable batteries for portability
  • High portability, making it an incredible outdoor projector
  • Addition of a USB port in most models

Drawbacks of Mini Projectors

Of course, with the good, there is always the bad. Here are some drawbacks to keep in mind while purchasing an outdoor projector:

  • Premature death due to weak internal battery
  • A small internal speaker necessitates an external speaker

Tips for Using a Portable Smart Projector

Make sure you invest in a great portable projector screen. You’ll also want to cancel out as much ambient light as possible. Unlike standard projectors, these models will struggle with any amount of ambient light. Try to invest in a model with multiple hours of battery life.

Choosing this type of projector means you can hook up to an external speaker using a wireless connection. Out of all models on the portable projector market, they offer the best features.


A portable smart projector may seem like a good idea, but you should always check to see how many hours of battery life they have.


Are portable projectors suitable for indoor and outdoor entertainment?

The built-in battery that comes with portable projectors makes them ideal for outdoor usage. Add a wireless speaker to the mix, and you have a backyard movie night ready.

Who needs a portable projector?

Whether or not you need a micro projector is up to you. However, there are a few reasons you might prefer one:

Can I use mobile devices to project onto a screen?

Yes, and a microprojector is the perfect choice for the job. Always read the product description of your projector to figure out how to screen the mirror.

How do I create the perfect backyard movie night?

A backyard movie night is never complete without your favorite movies, excellent sound quality, and a modern projector that provides a cinematic experience.

STAT: Various manufacturers have produced handheld projectors exhibiting high-resolution, good brightness, and low energy consumption in a slightly larger format than pico since 2008. (source)

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