What Does Filter Reset Mean On An Air Conditioner?

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Updated February 3, 2023

Even the best air conditioners will occasionally throw error codes. This is especially true for those codes that alert you to specific machine maintenance actions that you must perform. So, what does filter reset mean on an air conditioner? A reset filter light is simply telling you it’s time to clean or replace your AC filter. Your unit should have a user manual that will tell you what type of filter your AC uses and how to clean or replace it.


  • Many error codes can pop up on your AC, but the filter reset light is one you’ll most likely run into first.
  • The filter reset light indicates that you need to do some maintenance on your filter, either by replacing it or cleaning it.
  • Several issues can pop up if you don’t take care of your filter, such as reduced airflow or ice building up inside your AC unit.

There are a few air conditioner error codes that you might encounter. For example, an E8 or F6 code might have you wondering what does E8 mean on an air conditioner or what does F6 mean on an air conditioner. Knowing what they mean empowers you to better deal with whatever issue your AC is experiencing.

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You can use a deodorizing filter if you think your air supply needs a little freshening.

An air conditioner filter is just one part of the unit that you must regularly clean because a dirty air filter leads to tons of issues. If you let regular cleaning fall by the wayside, you might have to ask, “What is wrong with my central air conditioner?” After all, having a clean AC unit is crucial to extending the device’s lifespan. You can clean a dirty washable filter of all the collected dust and dirt with clean water and mild soap. You can also use a handheld vacuum or a narrow vacuum attachment to suck up all the dirty debris in a controlled way. You should see improved air flow and performance thanks to regular care and cleaning of the air conditioning filter.

It’s no secret that a clean filter is necessary if you want good air quality. When you ignore the filter light, your AC will struggle to maintain adequate airflow, reducing the overall efficiency of your air conditioner.


Never ignore the filter light, or it could create more severe problems.

Another problem caused by a dirty filter occurs with the evaporator coils. When the filter is clogged or dirty, it’s easier for the AC to build up ice on the evaporator coils, which will require you to de-ice the unit. If you’d like to learn more about AC units in general, try asking, “What is a self-evaporating portable air conditioner?

For those who need to purchase a new unit, we have a great list of the best outdoor air conditioners. Those looking into an AC for the first time might be interested in our article on how to replace a heat pump with an air conditioner.

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What Does Filter Reset Mean on an Air Conditioner FAQs

Are window air conditioners worth the investment?

Window air conditioners are an excellent investment and can help keep you cool during the summer while keeping energy consumption relatively low.

What if I just hit the reset button for the filter light?

If you hit the reset button without doing anything, you’ll face some problems. It can be tempting as an easy option, but you should always perform the maintenance the machine is requesting.

How do I find the exact filter I need for my window air conditioning unit?

First, you’ll need to figure out whether you have a disposable filter or if you need a replacement filter. You can find this information, and far more, in the AC manual that your unit came with.

Is a permanent filter worth the investment?

If you hate cleaning your AC filter, then a permanent or reusable filter is worth every penny. Investing in an AC unit with one of these can save you time and money.
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