How to Make My Window AC Colder

Updated: Feb 15, 2024 5:11 PM

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Time Required A few minutes
Tools Needed Foam Weatherstrip

During those dog days of summer, it is all too easy to ask, “how to make my window AC colder.” The best air conditioners, after all, are hampered by several external factors. Some of the simplest ways to cool down a window A/C include closing windows and doors, cleaning or changing the air filters, moving the unit to a smaller room, and properly insulating the window.

Key Takeaways_

  • Make your window air conditioning unit colder by closing any windows and doors leading to the room of operation.
  • Consider moving window units to a smaller room if they are portable and struggling to cool down adequately in a larger space.
  • You should also maintain the air filter and insulate the window itself to make an air conditioner colder.

Steps To Making a Window Unit Colder

Keep in mind that a lot of these tips depend on the particular design of your AC. For types of air conditioners, window AC units are the most common and easiest to install. On the other hand, central air conditioners require more complex installation work due to the use of ducts and other components. With that said, we’ve provided detailed steps to implement these universal as quickly as possible.

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Also, consider running ceiling fans to help assist with the cooling abilities of your favorite window air conditioner.

STEP 1 Close Windows and Doors

The first you should do is close any obvious windows and doors, as this will increase the efficiency and efficacy of your window AC. It’s obvious to close windows, but a lot of people forget about the doors leading to their bedroom or whatever room the air conditioning unit is located in. It may seem annoying to keep the door to your bedroom closed when the AC is in use, but it goes a long way to keeping things cooler. Moreover, it’ll prevent your A/C from working so hard; that way, you won’t have to reduce the noise of your air conditioner, which can be a challenge.

You’ll also want to get the right amount of BTUs for your window A/C. Otherwise, it’ll be working too hard.

STEP 2 Move it to a Smaller Room

Depending on the power and overall design of your air conditioner, you may need to learn how to move the AC unit. You see, air conditioners are only made to cool off a pre-measured location, and some smaller units really struggle to adequately cool down larger rooms. So if you are having trouble with the AC in the living room, for instance, consider moving it to one of the bedrooms. For instance, you can do this in the winter months by providing larger rooms with a bigger unit to enjoy cooler temperatures during the summer months.

STEP 3 Change or Clean the Air Filters

Always keep up to date with air filter maintenance needs. Replace them or clean them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Generally speaking, you should switch out or clean your air filters once every one to three months, though this varies depending on use and how dirty your air is. Cleaning or replacing dirty air filters is key for proper airflow in the AC system and maintaining an optimal temperature. This will help keep your AC running smoothly, while also improving energy efficiency.

STAT: Whether your home is cooled by a central air system or window units, your air conditioner works by pulling outside air into your home and cooling it while transferring warmer indoor air to the outside. (source)

STEP 4 Insulate the Window

Insulating the window on both the outside and the inside, eliminating any cracks, is a great way to make your AC colder. Start by installing foam side panels and perform surgical work by using spray foam or even caulk. Newspapers and cardboard also work, but they are less efficient when compared to purpose-built insulators.

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