What Does E8 Mean on an Air Conditioner

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Updated May 17, 2023

Air conditioner error codes, while a pain, can often be beneficial messages that are displayed by the best air conditioners as alerts for owners to catch problems ahead of time before they become major expenses. E8 is a common error message on split mini-systems and typically isn’t found on window units or portable machines. And like most error codes, E8 can have several meanings. The most common is a dirty indoor air filter and a broken fan motor.

Below, we answer more of your questions and explain what to do when E8 happens.


  • E8 fault codes are commonly found on split-mini AC systems.
  • The most common causes for the E8 fault code are a dirty air filter or a faulty fan motor.
  • Taking care of the E8 error message early on can save money on energy costs and repair bills.

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What Does the E8 Code Mean?

Sometimes when you see the E8 error on an air conditioner, it can mean there’s a problem with the temperature sensor inside. The sensor checks if things are too hot or too cold. The E8 error helps to keep everything safe until you can fix it.

Insider Tip

While you can reset most units by turning them off and unplugging them, check your user manual to ensure no extra steps are required.

However, consult your service manual before doing anything to ensure you know exactly what the code tells you. Once you’ve checked the manual, inspect your machine. If you are still uncertain about identifying the problem, call a service technician to come to inspect the unit.

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Fixing the E8 Error Code

Depending on your issue, solving the E8 error code can be simple. And the good news is that, with the proper knowledge, most E8 codes are solved without professional help.

Dirty Filter

Typically, air filters in a split-mini indoor unit are removable and washable. To clean them, remove the front panel, then take out the AC filters. Next, wash them in the sink with hot soapy water, rinse, let air dry, and replace.


If you aren’t comfortable working with electrical wiring, call a technician; otherwise, you risk injury, fires, extra costs, and other damage.

Finally, reset the unit by shutting it off at the control panel, unplugging it, and letting it rest for 30 minutes. Or, hit the reset button if your unit has one.

Faulty Fan Motor

Usually, a faulty fan motor happens when debris has gotten wrapped around the fan, causing a fan speed malfunction. You might also notice that your AC is not cooling anymore due to this faulty motor. Solving this issue requires you to take the unit apart to inspect the fan. Simply remove the front panel, remove any debris by gently cutting it off, and then replace the panel.

Sometimes, this problem can be caused by faulty wiring. Unfortunately, solving this is more complicated, and if you aren’t handy at electrical work, ‌call a service repair person to help. That way, you ensure your own safety and save yourself a difficult time troubleshooting these common issues.

High Humidity And/Or Temperature

Sometimes the E8 error code might say “E8 – Overload Malfunction Error”. This can pop up if the unit is trying to operate around a very humid climate or extreme temperatures. These are common issues that are usually out of our control. It’s still good to keep in mind that certain units have their limitations with the surrounding climate so it’s best to be aware of the ambient temperature before resorting to advanced troubleshooting.

STAT: Replacing your dirty filter can save up to 15% on energy consumption. (source)


What size air conditioner unit should I get?

Air conditioner sizes depend mainly on the size of the room and an AC unit’s BTU rating. Many helpful charts outline the room-size-to-BTU ratios.

How to reset my air conditioner Wi-Fi?

This process differs depending on your model. But typically, you’ll first unplug your machine, then hold down the reset button. Next, plug in the unit and go to your smart device to see if the AC pops up for you to connect.

What does EP mean on a GE air conditioner?

The “EP” message typically indicates a faulty coil sensor.

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