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How to Vacuum a Car

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Updated February 6, 2023

Learning how to vacuum a car is a rite of passage. We all should prioritize caring for our vehicles carefully since they depreciate in value as soon as we drive off the lot. From young teens to mature retirees, everybody could stand to learn a little about the car vacuuming process. And if you want to make the process even easier, try investing in the best vacuum cleaner you can afford. The most important factor in cleaning your car properly is getting the right type of vacuum.


  • Make sure that you invest in the right kind of vacuum, usually either a handheld model or a shop vac.
  • Investing in cleaning tools such as a brush attachment or hose attachment will make it far easier for you to get into hard-to-reach spots.
  • If you do not have a shop vac, you can always go to a car wash where there usually are vacuums you can use for cheap or free.

Vacuuming Your Car and its Tight Spaces

If you have a vehicle, the natural next step is learning how to vacuum a car. Did you learn how to vacuum carpet? This is no different. This preventative maintenance will help significantly in the long run. It’ll also just feel better driving around in a clean vehicle. A car that’s free from loose dirt, caked dirt, and stains also usually set a good impression for passengers riding with you.

Invest in the Right Equipment

Ensuring that you have the right tools for the job is essential, whether it’s spot cleaning, vacuuming carpeted stairs, or an entire routine you’d usually seen done by professional cleaners. There are a few things to keep in mind to keep the process quick and easy.

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Get The Right Type Of Vacuum

Always prioritize suction power when looking for your vacuum cleaner. This will increase the overall reach for sucking up dust particles and help get a deeper clean in general. You should also look into a shop vac, preferably either portable or on wheels. A wet-dry vacuum is even better since it guarantees the ability to clean up liquid messes, too.

STAT: The Cleanview boasts near-universal approval on Bissell’s website, with 99% of respondents recommending the vac. (source)

Invest in the Attachments You Need

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The next step is getting all of the attachments that will make your life easier. Getting into hard-to-reach areas will most likely require a hose attachment. Are you trying to get out ground-in french fries? Then a brush attachment will come in handy. Food particles get stuck to carpet fibers, which can ruin your vehicle’s appearance and hygiene. Floor mats can have grooves that are a little tougher to clean, so make sure a crevice tool or angled nozzle can get into those areas.

Tips For Cleaning Your Car

Navigating the tight spaces in your car is crucial to get it clean. Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Some car washes have free vacuums you can use
  • Household vacuums are next to useless for car cleaning
  • Invest in an excellent cleaning gel for cars
  • Read product descriptions to see if the vacuum is meant for cars


How to Get the Most Out of Free Car Vacuums?

Make sure to complete every task in the correct order. However, it can prove quicker to focus on the front entirely and then the back. That way, you aren’t moving between them and losing time because of it.

How to use and take care of a car cover?

The first thing is to make sure you buy a correctly sized cover for your car to ensure it’s entirely covered. You’ll want to store it in an excellent, dry space when not in use.

What to know about car covers?

There are a few things you should know about car covers. Here is a couple of them:

  • There are car covers meant for indoor cars, and outdoor ones
  • You’ll want to buy summer and winter versions if you have seasons
  • Lightweight covers exist for vehicles that get daily usage

What Kind of Vacuum is best for cleaning out a car?

It’s suggested that you stick with either handheld vacuums or portable shop vac. Having both on hand gives you everything you could ever need for the job if you can afford it.

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