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The transistor game is a unique game when it comes down to how you combat an enemy. Unlike traditional RPGs that relied on solely turn based combat, this game added movement to the mix. Which adds a whole new layer to the style you can use as you combat enemies in the game. Play games like these, along with other top contenders such as far cry 4, or infamous second son from our vest PS4 games.

Why We Like It – Transistor Game Review

The transistor game is a turn based RPG game that takes place in a futuristic dystopia. The combat system is quite impressive because the style of battle is unique for an RPG game as it blends both movement and action during battle. This action rpg is surely to be a good time for any independent gamer looking for a nice story to play along to.

  • Great Storyline
  • Innovative Combat Style
  • No Multiplayer


As an indie game, it is not expected to have top tier graphics but overall the game looks visually appealing. The omniscient view of the game feels like a classic zelda game with a dark futuristic twist. Combat happens in real time with strategic planning during battles that make the game feel unique. It is said to have reminisced on features from games from years ago such as Bastion. The game stays fresh by allowing your character to upgrade their abilities from time to time. If these strategic games aren’t your cup of tea, perhaps a first person shooter like Destiny might be a better fit.


The game takes place in what seems to be a futuristic dark dystopia. The characters, weapons, and enemies, have robotic features and designs to them. The combat system is what’s most enticing about the game because of the level of strategy that takes place in this turn based adventure. Finally, with multiple ways of leveling up skills, there are plenty of ways to outsmart opponents, now if only there were a multiplayer option it would take it to whole new grounds.


If you’re looking for a challenging game that brings something new to the table, I suggest this futuristic turn based strategy game. The transistor game’s combative style of play blends in elements of movement with elements of attacks to mold into a game that requires more than brute action like most action games. The game presents itself as a good time to anyone that is willing to learn the mechanics of this style of play. It is surely a game that I’m sure more players would enjoy if they can play against friends and family rather than just AI, but for now it’s still a good time.

Transistor Game Review Wrap Up

The transistor game is good for anyone looking to play along to a great storyline on their own for now since it only has a single player mode. The ability to upgrade keeps entertained by stacking experience, and after there are some epic boss battles that are sure to be a challenge due to the multiple ways you can move and attack during the match. Surely it is a game where you can get creative with your approach on finishing the adventure.

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