Torin T91207A Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Hydraulic bottle jacks are fast becoming a favourite over mechanical jacks owing to the higher amount of force multiplication that can be achieved. The Torin T91207A for example is a 12 ton hydraulic bottle jack that’s fairly easy to operate, and has been certified to meet all the ASME and PASE standards. The bottle jack is just one of the many many big red jacks that you’ll find in the market, so you can rest assured that it happens to be a quality product. Stick around for this review as we seek to find out whether it could be the best bottle jack around. Follow our trending car accessories reviews for more automobile products that will interest you.

Why We Like It – Torin T91207A

The Torin T91207A hydraulic bottle jack is a top tier choice for anyone looking to lift objects that weigh around 12 tons. It’s lifting height is also quite high, and since it comes with a glide-action pump that’s designed to lift with not so much effort, it’s relatively easy to use.

  • Great for low profile use
  • Comes with an adjustable screw top extension
  • Glide action pressure pump makes pumping easier
  • May be heavy for some users to carry around


The Torin T91207A hydraulic bottle jack is a high quality piece of equipment that you can rely on to lift your vehicle, or even use during work for a number of industrial processes. The heavy duty jack boasts a lifting range of about 7 to 13 inches, and has a maximum lift height of about 13 inches. It’s steel saddle can be further supported by an extension screw, adding a couple of more inches in height than you would get from the Alltrade 640912 Black All Bottle jack for example.

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In terms of its appearance, this 12 ton hydraulic bottle jack looks a lot like the Torin Hydraulic Bottle Jack Capacity, and is engineered using a drop forged steel alloyed construction for long term quality and durability. It’s short size allows for its use especially when dealing with low profile vehicles, but it’s 14 pound weight might make it a bit difficult to move around with. Like a lot of other hydraulic bottle jacks of its size and frame, the T91207A does come with a carrying handle, and also has a wide base for increased stability when being pumped.


Going by the many positive customer reviews that have been left by buyers on Amazon, the Torin T91207A is among the best hydraulic jacks that you can get right now in the market. It’s got a heat treated saddle that provides a generous lifting area, and because it is serrated, it’s very unlikely that whatever’s being lifted may slide off. If you feel that perhaps 12 tons may be too much power for you to even use, then maybe opting for a jack that has a lower weight capacity like the Pro Lift B 004D Grey Hydraulic Bottle jack may be ideal.

Torin T91207A Wrap Up

A bottle jack is one of those things that you just can’t afford to miss in your car. It’s essential for dealing with any emergency whenever they occur, and since it retails at less than $40, it’s not something that will leave a huge hole in your pocket after purchase.

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