Torin Hydraulic Bottle Jack Capacity Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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There are certain tools that you just can’t afford to miss in your car, and a bottle jack is one of them. This nifty tool always comes in hand whenever you need to change your tyre, and if you risk moving around without it, you might find yourself flagging down cars from the side of the road to borrow one. The Torin hydraulic bottle jack in particular is what most people would consider as a well priced option that still has a lot of value to offer. Sold by big red, the Torin hydraulic bottle jack is a heavy duty lifting tool that can support a weight of up to 6 tons, and has an air hydraulic system that is protected from damage by a patented bypass mechanism. Hang around to find out if it could be the best bottle jack for you. To compare Torin products with other bottle jacks, check out our top-rated car accessories reviews.

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Why We Like It – Torin Hydraulic Bottle Jack Capacity

Getting a high quality jack that’s easy to operate and light to carry may take you a while if you don’t know about the Torin bottle jack. With a lifting capacity of 6 tons and a maximum height of 16 inches, you’ll easily be able to reach all the parts of your car.

  • 1 Year warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Long 18-inch handle
  • Needs use of separate jack stands


You’ll be able to lift your vehicle to a maximum height of about 14.3 inches with the Torin big red bottle jack, and this is a pretty decent lifting range for changing a tyre or even doing some repairs on the underside of your car. The maximum supported weight is about 6 tons, though if your vehicle is a lot heavier than that, then there’s a wide range of bottle jacks available from big red that can support a lot more weight. The only issue with this jack is that you might have to get separate stands. If this however isn’t something that wouldn’t sit well with you, then perhaps the Alltrade 640912 Black All Bottle jack is one you should look into.


The red color of the Torin bottle jack tells you that it is one of the many floor jacks under the Torin Big Red brand, and thanks to its alloyed steel construction engineering, the floor jack is well built for use over a long duration of time. The bottle jack Torin is certainly not meant for low profile cars, but it features a high quality, glide action pump that makes lifting easy, and a pump handle that’s got plastic sheaths for more comfortable handling. It’s top saddle is also serrated, giving a secure grip, and its extension screw top is great since it adds versatility. The bottle jack is also quite light at 4.4 pounds, and compared to the Pro Lift B 004D Grey Hydraulic Bottle jack that weighs about 8 pounds.


This 6 ton bottle jack meets the safety standards of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, so you can be sure that it will not let you down. What you have to ensure however is that your vehicle has a ground clearance of about 7.5 inches because this is where the stock range starts. The bottle jack’s base is also large enough to keep it stable, and it’s got a serrated top section that helps make sure that there’s a secure grip. Compared to the Pro Lift B 006D Grey Hydraulic Bottle jack, the Torin jack is about 4 pounds heavier, so you may want to consider going for the former if you’re looking for something lightweight.

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Torin Hydraulic Bottle Jack Capacity Wrap Up

Finding the best bottle jack to go for can sometimes be stressful especially if you don’t know what to consider, or if you just started driving. The Torin 6 ton capacity bottle jack is a great mid-range option to start with, and like many hydraulic bottle jacks, it’s quite easy to operate.

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