The UO Smart Beam Projector Packs A Big Image In A Small Cube

If you need a tiny projector, you’ve probably noticed there are a few drawbacks to them. Either they’re not very tiny, or the brightest they get resembles a AA flashlight. Or perhaps the image is softer than a pillow. So, if you’ve been looking for something that can actually project, you might want to start with UO’s Smart Beam projector.


How does it pull that off, you might wonder? A laser diode. Most tiny projectors are built around LEDs, which is generally useful because they’re cheap. But, well, if you’ve been around a tiny projector, you’ve seen the results LEDs generate.

This also has the advantage of taking away the need to focus. Instead of fiddling with setting, the laser diode means that anything projected is crisp, every single time. Oh, and it is, of course, wireless; just connect whatever you want to watch and get rolling. It even has a built in speaker and a battery that will last for two hours. Compare this with the XGIMI CC Aurora projector that also has a Bluetooth speaker.

That said, though, there’s a limit to what anybody can cram into a tiny package. You’ll “only” get 720p resolution from this little cube. Although, really, with all the pluses, that’s a drawback it’s hard to get worked up over.

Laser Focus


It’s great that we live in a world where we use lasers to harmlessly amuse ourselves. And it’s cheaper than you might think: At just $420, you’ll be able to shine lasers onto all sorts of surfaces for a reasonable price. Now if we could just figure out what we wanted to watch…

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