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To better enhance the focal points in your bedroom, The Patterned Bedroom needs breaks in the patterns you’ve chosen to prevent over stimulating your eyes. It’s why crazy patterns are broken up by solid colors or plain, wooden accents. With Deconovo’s Blackout Curtains and Drapes, you have the opportunity to break up the patterns, while also serving a purpose.

Why We Like It – The Patterned Bedroom

To bring The Patterned Bedroom together, you can’t ignore the drapes—and what better way than tastefully designed blackout curtains? Featuring multiple colors and made of 100% high-quality polyester.

  • Tasteful design; over a dozen colors to pick
  • Made of 100% high-quality polyester
  • Darkens, insulates, & reduces noise in your room
  • Difficult to clean


Believe it or not, The Patterned Bedroom isn’t the only thing that benefits from a set of blackout curtains. You do, too! Their main purpose is to block sunlight. But why? As it turns out, too much light can reduce the effectiveness of your sleep. Less light equals better sleep. At the same time, Deconovo’s Blackout Curtains are also thick enough to help insulate your home—keeping it cool and warm depending on the weather—and reduces noises coming in from the outside world.


You obviously can’t dump dozens of crazy colors and patterns into The Patterned Bedroom without having some solid colors to break it up; otherwise it looks silly and tacky. You have nearly two dozen colors to choose from—19, to be specific—and all colors only feature one design: a line design spattered with small dots. Simple, yes, but isn’t loud enough to disrupt whatever patterns you have going on. The black and silver print would go rather nicely with the black and white American Lifetime Premium Day Clock. Unfortunately, these 100% high-quality polyester curtains are hand-wash only.


Is it worth dropping $41 for blackout curtains for The Patterned Bedroom? Ask yourself this: is there a price on sleep? Getting deep, uninterrupted sleep is invaluable. Get one great night of rest and it can offset weeks worth of miserable feelings, while improving your overall health. Of course, these curtains can only do so much. Combine them with a Casper Sleep Element Mattress and Kunpeng Shredded Memory Foam Bed Pillow, and sleep will be heavenly.

The Patterned Bedroom Wrap Up

The Deconovo Blackout Curtains provide the perfect opportunity to break up the crazy patterns you might have littered around The Patterned Bedroom, thanks to 19 different colors to pick. You aren’t just creating breaks, but also improving your sleep at the same time, and saving a bit of money by darkening, insulating, and reducing noise in your room. You’ll just have to hand wash them occasionally.

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