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Updated June 27, 2022
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This comic series adaptation of Garth Ennis’s is a great plot twist for the average superhero story. Here the superheroes the city knows and loves are transformed by the luxurious gifts bestowed to them by both good and evil influences. In this universe, superheroes are treated as a lucrative business for the governor’s defense systems. Even among the best like Homelander, played by Antony Starr, is up to evil. The Boys ranked first among our best shows on Amazon, so if that isn’t enough of a solid suggestion I don’t know what will be. In case you don’t like the Amazon streaming service, check other popular streaming services you may try today!

Why We Like It – The Boys review

The Boys TV series on Amazon Prime is everything you want from a superhero series. This is a comic book that was written by Garth Ennis, it presents the divine holiness of superheroes and flips it to a darker spectrum. Jack Quaid stars as Hughie Campbell, a recently single guy forcibly taken down a lonely road because of a tragic accident between his girlfriend and local superhero, celebrity, and elite member living above rightful punishment, A-train. It starts with a great origin story for Hughie, the anti-hero, and the drama will only get better from here as he sets out to take revenge on the seven.

  • Intense anti-hero plot
  • Rare flip on superheroes
  • Redundant superpowers


Other notable mentions that really made the first episode pop is Billy Butcher starring as Karl Urban, the self-proclaimed FBI agent. I’ll cool it with the tea spill for now, just get on amazon prime video and catch up as I am. Elisabeth Shue stars as Madelyn Stillwell, the notable speaker for the Vought company. Jan Thijs also stars as The Deep, a nefarious superhero drunk on power. If the superhero spectrum of shows bores, a great alternative might be the americans, Babylon 5, or carnival row on amazon prime.


When it comes to design, there are some hits and misses. While the superheroes in the series are fitted with the greatest costumes, the miss was in the actual powers. Maybe I’m just tired of seeing the same super powers being recycled around. Perhaps this is too early in the series and there will hopefully be development for that later in the series.


This is a great series by amazon studios, I’m pretty hyped to catch up to the second season already. A series like this is great because it slips the stereotypical image of the superhero on its head by making a universe where it is a business. It is Interesting to see the superheroes live their lives among other people, making them subject to many past times that the elites partake in.

The Boys review Wrap Up

This is a great show by every means except maybe writers could’ve stretched imaginations for some new type of superpowers rather than touting the same ole same ole, but I’m hoping I’m just too early into the series. Here is a comic series adaptation that transforms themes of the average hero. This is the kind of series that brings to question celebrity status, and how it causes society to lack proper judgment during predicaments with said celebrities. This is a series you surely must see for yourself, so hop on now to amazon prime video.

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