Syncwire Auxiliary Headphones Stereos Smartphones Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If we’re talking about the best AUX cable for vehicles, the best aux cables that come to mind are the Syncwire Auxiliary Headphones Stereos Smartphones Car Stereo Audio Jack. Not only do they provide a wide range of compatibility, making it easy to switch devices on the fly, but the extra long length allows for someone from the backseat to reach. You may also be interested in our best home theater systems, if you want more audio device options.

Why We Like It – Syncwire Auxiliary Headphones Stereos Smartphones

With an incredibly long length of 6.5 feet, the Syncwire Auxiliary Headphones Stereos Smartphones pose the perfect option for delivering high-quality sound in your car, even from the backseat.

  • Enameled copper wires transmit high quality sound
  • Wide selection of compatible devices
  • Ideal for use in vehicles
  • Wide audio jack poses a few compatible issues


When it comes to audio quality, it’s offering some really great performance. For starters, the military fiber core that’s wrapped around its enameled copper wiring ensures that it’s transmitting high quality sound quality at all times. There’s a nice balance between high and mids. Bass is average, but clean. Still, its gold plated connectors keep signal loss and distortions to a minimum. This performance stretches across all compatible devices—headphones car home stereos, iphone ipad, mp3 player. One competitor to sound quality are the Anker Premium Auxiliary Headphones iPhones. Check out this Skye WiFi music receiver review for a small music streaming device that can fit in your pocket.


Great sound quality is the butter, but its durability is the bread. The TPE sleeve that covers the wires is then covered over with tangle free nylon braided aux cable. This gives these Syncwire audio aux cords a very long lifespan of 15000+ bends, which is far better than what the iVanky Auxiliary Compatible Headphone Speaker offers. A secondary characteristic, though just as important, is the length of the Syncwire cable. At 6.5 feet, it’s one of the longest on our list. You could reach the aux port with these auxiliary audio cables even from the back of a car. Read our TR Industrial TR88302 multi-purpose cable review for ties that can be used for just about anything.


If you are looking for a great aux cord for your vehicle, one that’s overall great and high quality, these Syncwire AUX Cables fit the bill quite snuggly. The advantage here that the Syncwire Auxiliary Headphones Stereos Smartphones have, above our other entries, is the incredibly long cable; 6.5 feet is a lot of cable. This makes it the ideal choice for vehicles, making it really easy for anyone in the vehicle to share their taste in music—even if you never asked them to. For a cheaper alternative, check out the Oldboytech Auxiliary Braided Compatible Headphones.

Syncwire Auxiliary Headphones Stereos Smartphones Wrap Up

The worst aspect of the Syncwire Auxiliary Headphones Stereos Smartphones is a few choice products—Sony MDR-1000X, Beats Solo/Studio/Executive, and a few others—are incompatible. You can contact Syncwire ahead of time for compatibility before purchase. If you do pick one up, the enameled copper wiring offers that clean, crisp sound you want, snaking through an entire 6.5 foot length of cable.