The best 4K TV is a huge one in my opinion.

Is 4K worth it? There’s 4K TVS…and then there’s Sony’s 75-inch, XBR-75X910C 4K TV, which is more of a screen revolution than a new flat screen for your living room. For one thing, there’s a lot of living spaces that don’t even have enough room for this gigantic flat screen, which features a Android TV, Playstation compatibility, and – of course – 4K definition quality that upscales from normal HD and streams from sources that offer 4K resolution. If you need a smaller TV, take a look at our Sony 55x810c 4k review too.

Update: Sony’s XBR-75X910C 4K TV is currently available for $4998 at Amazon.

This 75-inch giant (flat, not curved) also comes with several HDTV gadgets that you may or may not prefer. There’s a touchpad remote control. It offers features like voice search, and there are many smart TV functions you can customize. But the real winner here is that 4K screen: If you are looking for the best TV experience you can get outside a theater with the latest in resolution quality, that screen is hard to beat. If you want to take a look at a different model, take a look at the Sony. And from the price perspective, you can get a good insight from our 4K TV price comparison review.

Sony’s 75-inch 4K TV “floats,” which means it has no bezel. The picture goes right to the edges of the TV, giving it a sort of suspending, minimalistic feel that works especially well if you can find a large enough wall to mount the screen again. For gamers, we’ve got a great deal on a high res 1440p monitor – only $250 & a 4K 55-inch TV under $600 today in Deals.


Of course, the key question is: Is it time to buy a 4K TV yet? The 4K system does offer a remarkable uptick in picture quality from more traditional 1080p, but so far the sources that offer 4K are a little limited. Netflix is getting ready to stream 4K here and there, as are other video streamers. Some cable companies are working with networks to offer 4K channels for the right package. More and more sources are trickling in. By 2016, 4K may be fair ubiquitous – and this is definitely a screen worthy of showcasing the coming revolution.

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