Sony’s 3D Blu-ray Players Can Be Controlled By iPhone Or iPod Touch

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Updated September 7, 2022

Sony iPhone Blu-ray Remote App

The best Blu Ray player these days has all of the cool features.

Who would’ve ever thought that Sony would sign on to the dark side. And by dark side I mean Apple. As the years pass the Japanese consumer electronics company has slowly trickled out more and more devices that are either iPod or iPhone compatible. You can also use the best universal remote app.

Newest to the list is their line of 3D Blu-ray disc players, the BDP-S470 and S570. Not only are they WiFi enabled (or ready), stream the latest in online media and can playback 3D Blu-rays, but can be controlled by using your iPod Touch or iPhone remote.  Of course, both devices will have to be connected to the same network, but that ain’t no thing in an iPhone world.  Unfortunately, the PS3 is not supported, at least not at this time. This device is suited for at-home Blu-ray watching, but if you want to take it on the go, I suggest you check out the top portable DVD player instead.


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