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Designed for beginner artists, these artist quality acrylics provide 12 vibrant colors of versatile paint. The bottles are sealed with flip-flop caps that cleanly disperse paint, making processes such as color mixing quick and easy. As number 4 on the Best Acrylic Paint Set buying guide, this water-based paint also has the nice benefit of a waterproof finish when it dries.

Why We Like It – Sargent Art 24 2498 12Count Quality

This artist quality acrylic paint set uses big bottles to hold enough paint to last for quite a while between first and when the bottles are near empty. AP certified and non-toxic, it’s safe for children to use and touch, as it can be applied on different surfaces such as wooden toys. Depending on the seller, people have the option to buy Sargent Art acrylic paints with free delivery.

  • Water-resistant after drying
  • Flip top cap
  • Non-toxic
  • Paint can crack when dried
  • Expensive


Like the Soho Urban Artist Heavy Body Acrylic Paint Set, it leaves a water-resistant finish when dry.To allow customers to see proof of the vibrant colors and smooth finish, every batch of paint has been tested, as Sargent Arts has high standards for their paint. While it’s good for beginners, it’s not the best quality paint. Unfortunately, depending on the surface the paint has been applied to, the Sargent Art acrylic can crack. However, when the paint doesn’t crack, it does leave a nice satin finish.


The Sargent Art acrylic paint set comes in 16 ounce bottles with flip-flop tops that make it easy to pour out the exact amount a painter needs. However, unlike the liquitex basics acrylic paint multicolor set, the bottles don’t have a means of storage compared to the liquitex set having trays. That means that it’s more likely that the bottles could get damaged, or even broken, before they are delivered to the customer.


This 1 x pack of 12 is much more expensive than the Arteza Metallic Acrylic Paint set, which has a count of 24, due to the big bottles of paint as opposed to Arteza’s significantly smaller tubes, despite the Arteza set being premium paint. There’s enough paint for plenty of bigger projects before running out. However, there are cheaper 12 count artist quality acrylic sets with 16 oz. containers for about half of the price, some of which don’t crack when dried.

Sargent Art 24 2498 12Count Quality Wrap Up

Rich, smooth, and versatile, this paint set’s capabilities can be showcased through brushstroke techniques and use of color. While plenty of effects can be made through different techniques with this paint, it can crack when dried on the wrong surface, possibly ruining the intended effect.

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